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Some of the anti-vaxxer freaks from Europe who recently died from COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Left to right starting with upper right: Alessandro Mores, 48, Italy; Maurizio Buratti, 61, Italy; Robin Fransman, 53, Netherlands; Bogdanof Twins, 72, France.

Here are four (five, but two are twins) anti-vaxxer freaks from Europe who died recently from COVD. We have two Italians and two Frenchmen (Edit: Robin Fransman is actually Dutch, but his name Fransman means Frenchman so close enough). I'm putting them in one post for several reasons: 1) To get caught up with my dead-anti-vaxxer backlog, 2) Each of these guys only needs a short blurb to get the gist of who they were, and why they are on SAV, and 3) there weren't a lot of anti-vaxx posts I could find to present for each of their entries (the exception being Robin Fransman, who did nothing but retweet anti-vaxx propaganda on Twitter, but I'll include him here because 4 profiles fit into one picture better than 3).

-------------------------------------------Alessandro Mores------------------------------------------

Freak #1: We'll start with Alessandro Mores, 48, of Venice, Italy, upper left in the picture, who died December 27, 2021. Alessandro was adamantly against the vaccines, so much so that he was angry with his eldest son who was vaccinated. He thought the whole COVID thing was a ruse, and that it was no more dangerous than the flu despite the fact that Italy had one of the worst COVID streaks of any country during the pandemic's early days. Apparently, the family had a difficult time getting him to go to the hospital, and when he finally did he wouldn't allow the hospital to intubate him. His son begged him, but he wouldn't allow it, and so he died 3 hours later, essentially committing suicide.

I found this post:

Alessandro Mores, 3 days before he died, posted this article:

About which this was said:

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ He, no-vax, already had the covid. Of course, the article does not say that South Africa, aiming at 100% vaccinated population, considers the effects of Omicron, on the vaccinated, to be mild and therefore removes the restrictions on asymptomatics. After the insistence of family members, the Mores, in very serious conditions, is hospitalized. Refuse to be intubated. After 3 hours he dies. 48 years old, leaves behind a wife and three children. Fake news kills!


RIP Alessandro.

----------------------------------------Maurizio Buratti---------------------------------------------

Freak #2: Next up is Maurizio Buratti, 61, Verona, Italy, upper right in the picture, also known as "Mauro from Mantua"". He died December 29, 2021 from COVID. I think this guy probably persuaded more people in Italy to get vaccinated than not to vaccinate. "Mauro de Mantua" was basically a clown. He became a popular figure about ten years ago when he called into a radio program in Northern Italy known as Zanzara (broadcasting from Milan). He was a regular caller, and was constantly mocked on that show. There are even some social media pages created to mock Maura de Mantua in the guise of worshiping him. He's in the news now because, 1) he was an anti-vaxxer, 2) he's dead from COVID, and 3) he admitted on the Zanzara show that after he was diagnosed with COVID he went to the supermarket with a fever and his mask under his nose, with the intent to infect others. So, apparently he's one of the biggest assholes on SAV.

Well, he died from COVID:

RIP Mauro de Mantua.

-----------------------------------------Robin Fransman---------------------------------------

Freak #3: Next up is Robin Fransman, 53, Amsterdam, lower left in the picture, a Frenchman who was an economist in the Netherlands who died on December 29, 2021 from COVID. Unlike the others on this post, Robin did post a ton of anti-vaxx stuff on Twitter. In fact, he didn't post anything but anti-vaxx and anti-government mandate posts. He was the quintessential anti-vaxxer: against vaccination, for Ivermectin, anti-government, for freedumb, etc. He had it all. Of course he got covid and died. Here are a couple of his translated tweets from his Twitter page:

Pandemic-response-is-like-Nazis post:

Vaccines-are-causing-MORE-fatalities post:

Pro-Ivermectin post:

He announced he was COVID positive on Dec 3:

and he died from COVID 25 days later...

RIP Robin.

-----------------------------------------Bogdanoff Twins----------------------------------------------

Freaks #4 and #5: Finally we have freakiest of freaks, the botched-surgery-faced twin brothers Grichka & Igor Bogdanoff, who died 6 days apart, Grichka on December 28, 2021 and Igor on January 3, 2022. Now let me go ahead and admit that these two freaks don't fit the complete SAV paradigm. They weren't advertising their thoughts on COVID vaccines, or trying to convince anyone not to get vaccinated. They just felt they didn't need it because of their superior fitness (despite being 72 which put them right in the death zone for Covid). No, the reason I'm posting them is that I've known about these guys for quite some time. You see, many years ago I had a stint as a mathematical physicist, and because of that I was a regular reader of the mathematical physicist John Baez's blog, "This Week's Finds in Mathematical Physics". I remember being very interested in an intriguing article he wrote about the "Bogdanoff Affair", where in 2002 it was discovered that these two brothers earned their PhDs in the 90s by fraudulently publishing articles in journals and defending theses comprised of complete gibberish; their work was simply a nonsensical string of research physics buzzwords. All of this caused quite a stir in the international Physics community, as it was shocking that this could even happen. In fact, it resulted in much tighter review processes instituted by journals and universities alike. I discovered that the Bogdanoffs published a book In 1991 called Dieu et la Science (God and Science) which became a French bestseller, but they were sued by astronomy professor Trinh Xuan. They settled out of court and the Bogdanovs later denied plagiarism. It's been suggested that the plagiarism suit spurred the brothers to obtain doctorates as fast as possible, since the back cover of their book fraudulently claimed that they held doctorates.

Besides being grifters these guys are most famous for their strange plastic surgery and their 1980s science fiction TV show. In 2018 they apparently grifted some money from a wealthy but bipolar individual to help fund a return of their Temp X program (and get themselves out of financial trouble); this individual ended up killing themself during the lawsuit to recoup the money.

Anyway, they refused to get vaccinated and even quoted Dr. Didier Raoult, the Hydroxychlorquine Doctor, that it was better to avoid the current vaccines and wait for some future vaccines. They died from COVID:

RIP Girchka and Igor.

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Fifth Tenet
Fifth Tenet
Feb 10, 2022

The Bogandof twins look like the puppet characters from the British comedy show known as Spitting Image. Americans would be more familiar with those puppets as the stars of the video for "Land of Confusion" by Genesis.


Yet Again
Yet Again
Jan 28, 2022

Vaxman, you've described the Bogdanof Twins to a T.

They weren't antivaxxers per say but they were plain weird.

I've gotta admit that their TV show was pretty good though; I watched it when I was a kid


Yet Again
Yet Again
Jan 28, 2022
Replying to

He was only 28 and his father's also hooked to a vent. This is a family affair..... Odd antivaxxers!


charlie girl
charlie girl
Jan 23, 2022

They are what nightmares are about damn if I ran into them they would definitely scare


Well, at least now there won't be any more ads using the Bogandoff twins as clickbait about botched surgeries.

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