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Stacy Sanders, 40, Victory Mills, NY, Mother of six, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary Stacy died from COVID on December 3, 2021. She leaves behind her husband and six children.

She was against vaccines and mandates, especially mandates.

It's a pandemic...just please cooperate, Stacy.

Hated masks...

From a great source - the son of one of the directors of a department...

Some unnamed newspaper somewhere is saying that a Chinese baby formula company says that the vaccines cause infertility. That's what you call "doing your own research".

Standard meme:


She really hates the healthcare mandates...

We disagree with you, Stacy. They are no longer heroes, and should be fired.

They sent themselves to the chopping block...

She really, really hates the healthcare mandates...

Candace again. Sheesh.

She wasn't going to vaccinate her children (let alone herself):

Her family gets COVID:

Husband and daughter test positive first:

Then she tests positive:

She's over it! (It's not over her):

She goes to the ER:

It turns out..."COVID sucks!"

She died:

RIP Stacy.

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