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Steve Nethery, Louisville, KY, 56, Retired, Anti-vaxxer Motivated by Politics

Meet Steve Nethery. He's retired from Ford and married with three teenage kids. Steve is all about God, guns, Trump, guns, guns, illegals, guns, freeDumb, guns. You get the gist.

This story is light on anti-vax but heavy on guns. Kidding, heavy on politics. Also, I've never seen my HCA partner so enamored with someone. You'll see what I mean in a bit.

Let's start here.

According to Steve, the virus is just a cold. Steve wants his freeDUMB.

If you visit Steve’s page, you'll discover he's another oppressed white guy. Poor Steve.

He believes the capital riot was a visual lie.

The next day. So, it’s not a visual lie anymore, Steve? This is where my HCA partner gets enamored with one of Steve's friends.

Anyway, back to Steve.

He’s a Facebook Christian....

Who has no compassion.

So what is it, a cold or the End of Times? Dude, you’re confusing us.

Did I tell ya that Steve loves guns?

And Steve wants a divorce. Not to his wife but his country.

Oooooo! Is Steve about to get an epiphany??

Oh no, I think Steve pissed off God.

He must be fine, as he still has time for politics.

Hmmm, Larry, you say? He's giving us more work now. We'll have to check up on Larry. You know, apple, fall, tree and all.

Good for you, Steve. It's always good to be confident.

He has another smart friend.

Unfortunately, the virus was more confident. Sadly, Steve didn't make it and earned his HCA.

I took a peek at 75-year-old Larry Cade's page, Steve's cousin who also died from COVID. The apple didn't fall far from the tree.

The end. You can find more anti-vax stories on our new Facebook page at Herman Cain Awardz.

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Hmmm...Steve worked for Ford Motor Company for 30 years which likely means he was a UAW union member. And we all know which political party hates unions!

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Twofer Tuesday haiku

Stupid obese Steve

loves his guns and shuns the vax.

COVID licks its chops.

See gun lover Steve.

He thought Trump's bullshit was fact.

COVID smiled and struck.

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Jade Tiger
Jade Tiger
28. Apr. 2023

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D Mac
D Mac
25. Apr. 2023

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How about if a former altar boy clarifies things a little? There once was a 100% "Christian" nation in North America, founded on Christian principles. It was known as the Confederate States of America. How did that work out? To this day, you can visit graveyards dating back to the 1700's and 1800's in the south that have lovely memorials commemorating upstanding, God-fearing Christian slave owners.

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