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Steve Rose & Steve Rose, 36, 60, NC, SC, IT, Sales, unvaxxed, anti-vaxx, both in rehab from COVID

UPDATE(12/14/2022): Whelp, someone wrote in that Young Steve Rose died after all -- last April, about 3 months after he "corrected" my comments. It's pretty sad, as he was being told he'd be 90% in 3 months. His death is reported in this obituary:

UPDATE(2/7/2022): Young Steve wrote, and I want to share with the community what he wrote, but I need to add a comment. See below

Original Post with Edits (2/6/2022):

EDIT: Young Steve Rose wrote to correct some inaccuracies concerning when he got COVID, when he starts rehab, and where he actually lives:

A Rose by any other name wouldn't have COVID? These guys are unrelated except for their names, vaccine status, and the fact that both are currently in rehab because of COVID. While researching Steve Rose, 36, who was submitted to me on Twitter, I got really confused because there are actually two Steve Roses: one got COVID in October '21 (Steve60) and the other in November '21 (Steve36). The older Steve is in rehab and the younger Steve will be soon. Even more confusing is the fact that one lives in North Carolina (actually the younger Steve is from Missouri but has been living temporarily in South Carolina for work) and the other in South Carolina. I might as well cut two roses with one pruning shear. We'll call Steve Rose, 36, from Gastonia, NC (actually St Lous, Missouri) Steve36, and when discussing him text will be blue, and we'll call Steve Rose, 60, from Conway, SC Steve60, and when discussing him text will be red. Now I can't find much that indicates Steve36 was more than "slightly" anti-vaxx, with only a couple of posts stating his plans to remain unvaxxed, but in the end he has some wisdom to share which is why he's being included here. Steve60, on the other hand, was certainly anti-vaxx, and has yet to share any lessons learned with his audience.

Ok, let's start with Steve36 from Gastonia, NC.

Already scared of the Vaxx in January 2021...

I guess Steve36 is transgender? (This is a joke, people!)

^^^That's it. That's pretty much all Steve36 had to say about vaccines and COVID. Unfortunately, it didn't matter; he should've gotten vaccinated, as we'll see. For this reason, I declare Steve36 to be unvaxxed instead of anti-vaxx. Continued below.

Now, let's see what Steve60 thought about his vaccine situation:

Vaccines and masks and the dystopian world that follows, I guess:

Steve60, poo-pooing the virus way back in September 2020:

I don't get this logic at all. I'm trying to think of something I'd put in my body -- besides wine or Scotch -- that I'd rather have a 60 year old version than a new version.

Ah, the Bell's palsy excuse. (I bet he'd trade Bell's palsy for his current situation.)

Do we know if it was due to the vaccine?

Three anti-vaxx talking points in one: Fauci, Gates, and "wake up".

The copy pasta we keep seeing over and over from anti-vaxxers:

The "it's not science it's promotional ads" talking point:

I'm sure he'd like to take this back right about now:

Steve60 could teach Steve36 how to be a real anti-vaxxer. Must come with age:

All right, let's see what happened next with the Steves.

First, Steve36:

and Steve60:

Here's a video news story featuring Steve36 a couple of days ago (he tells people to get "the shot")

Here's a video of Steve60 a couple of days ago:

Moral of this story?

At least Steve36 told his audience "It's not worth it not to get the shot". We're waiting on a similar statement from Steve60.

Don't be like Steve Rose. Get vaccinated.


UPDATE (2/7/22):

Steve36 wrote me and wants to clear the air. He also had a very interesting exchange, below. Most of the comments I've seen are supportive of Steve36, as they should be. This is about getting others not to make the same mistakes he did, and he's willing to help:

I was scared. I was busy running a business. My posts were, some were humor. Others were presenting the other side of the proverbial fence that I sat on. I got my shot last Tuesday. Back in April on vacation, I even drove my friends son to get his shot. This person is absolutely over the top. I would be scared of whoever published this. From my news story to my personal fundraiser, I have made two points to try to spread awareness.

1. This stuff is real.

2. It can kill you.

3. It can bankrupt you.

4. Get the shot. It's not worth it.

"beat the covid the first 3 or 4 days. It was the pneumonia that took me all the way down. There is so much false info here, I don't know how to handle it. It was November, not October. I have medical insurance. Nobody is paying for this but them and my family and I. I'm also not in rehab yet. Some fool even thought it was drug rehab I'm going too? Wtf. Trans gender because I made a joke about vaginas ?? I'm the one that's full of hate, because I used the word "special" instead of some new acronyms I know nothing about, yet you are judging people and wishing death on people?! I'm trying to be patient and cool with this. But this is over the top. If you let me in the community to comment, and maybe remove the false info, wrong dates etc. I'll be happy to answer each comment. I'm sorry this happened. They gave me a 4% chance to live, boss. So fuck all of that hate. I am not anti-vaxxer. Never was. I got the shot. I actually saw a doctor who told me my test was negative and prescribed me antibiotics for bronchitis. She wouldn't give me the shot because I was already sick. So I was late to the race. I always presented both sides of the fence of fear that I was sitting on. I was just talking about the Tuskegee Syphilis study last night with my wife. The CDC was involved in that. Surely you can understand the fear. But when I was ready, I was denied a shot because of misdiagnosis. I also don't live in Gastonia. I'm from Missouri. I have my rig parked around Gastonia where my mom lives. I travel around doing data cabling,.CCTV, Security systems, access controls etc etc. I have a good college degree and I don't fuck my sister (she died in 2011 at 32), and I don't have a vagina.. I'm making excellent progress, and getting into an accelerated rehab center. 3 hours a day. I have good insurance. They are covering me 100%. I am just a.bit short on the $3k deductible. I'm. Not begging and I'm spending awareness. So all of this hate and bushit needs to least on my story. The progress I've made in the short two weeks I've been awake, the doctors, news and nurses are calling it a literal miracle. I'm a bit humble and that's hard for me to absorb. My doctor and all the medical staff here at UNC in Chapel hill have been amazing. They anticipate 30-90 days and I should be 90%. 6 months from now and I should be 100% So let's do something productive here and remove it, correct it and let me respond etc. I don't have the energy to pursue this via other means, and I Don't think that would be fair without an attempt to settle this. I did remove "special" from that terrible picture of me. I apologize if that word is offensive. I stay pretty busy and thought that was more PC than retarded or such, even though that is an actual diagnosis.. I want no part in any politicization of this. You can think, feel, speak and be different than me. I don't care. I'll accept you. Come as you are. Get yo shot! Thank you. Have a great day -Steve Rose (36)"

Vaxman's Comments on this: First, thank you for the corrections, most of which are minor, like the fact that you got COVID in November rather than October, and that you live temporarily in Gastonia, NC. I've corrected those errors in the main text. Second, I have to comment on your statement, beat the covid the first 3 or 4 days. It was the pneumonia that took me all the way down. As we know, this is how COVID kills people. Every person on this site died of either Pneumonia or blood clots. You were sick BECAUSE of COVID though, so please don't say it wasn't COVID, or that you got rid of the virus but it caused a chain of events that you almost lost your life over. Third, my "transgender" comment was a joke about your "vagina" joke. I thought both jokes were obvious (some people are humorless, sorry about that), but what wasn't a joke was your apparent plan to remain unvaxxed. Finally, congratulations on beating this thing. You're young and strong and will definitely heal. I think most of the SAV community is proud of your new vaccine stance and wishing you the best on your recovery. Those who aren't, it's not personal; there is just a war on science and expertise going on, and you even admit that you were duped by all of the misinformation, yourself.

Thanks again, Steve, for your honesty and bravery coming here and telling your story. Good luck in your recovery, and a special thanks for spreading the word about getting vaccinated.


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Chris Merlin
Chris Merlin
27 בפבר׳ 2023

Hmm, "anti-Vaxers" know about this site? Seems like they would avoid it like the plague,...Oh wait.


חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
19 בפבר׳ 2023

Coming to your senses is too late when you are facing the eventuality of death. Antivaxxers learn the hard way and prayer is useless.


30 בינו׳ 2023

Don’t know what we’d do without the really stupid people to brighten our dark January days.

I for one am grateful 😘 He obviously came from an amazing gene pool 😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜🤪😜


The definition of a Republican is someone who doesn't worry about an issue unless it affects them personally.

They are the scourge of the planet.


The roses have aphids. Need insecticide.

חבר/ה לא ידוע/ה
14 בינו׳ 2023
בתשובה לפוסט של

Neem oil is highly effective and it is less harmful to the environment.

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