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Steve Sechler, 43, "Didn't believe any of it" now says "Don't be like me." Needs lung transplant.

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

According to this story, Steve Sechler of Nashville "didn't believe any of it" when it came to Covid, vaccines, and masks. Now he's changed his mind and wants to warn everyone, "Don't be like me."

^^^That's the before picture.

^^^That's the after picture.

At one point his family gave up and asked that Steve be taken off the ECMO machine keeping him alive, but Dr. Elliott Cohen, the ICU Medical Director at TriStar Centennial, convinced the family to give it some more time. Miraculously, Steve pulled through.

Steve admitted, “My lungs collapsed. I was in a coma. I can’t walk. All my muscles are weak. I have a hard time breathing. Right now, just talking is taking all my energy.”

Steve will probably need a lung transplant in the future.

“I know that people want their freedom. I know that there’s a point of contention. I just want it to be known, the vaccine will help, masks work.” Sechler said, “I’m telling you, do not end up like me. You will regret it.”


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