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Steve Shurden, 58, Tulsa, OK, RN - Travel Nurse, anti-vaxx poet, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to his wife's social media post (below), Steve passed away from COVID on October 19, 2021. He leaves behind his wife Teresa and their two daughters. Steve was a registered nurse who worked for Trustaff Nurse Staffing. Teresa was also a Licensed Vocational Nurse. They had recently purchased a new touring RV just before Steve caught COVID. I think they'd planned to travel the country and help newly opened clinics or something. Both Steve and Teresa were/are adamant anti-vaxxers, as you'll see. Steve loves to write politically charged poems and was about to publish a book of his right-wing Trumparian poems. Too bad that didn't happen ;)

Let us establish the "anti" in anti-vaxxer. I doubt they're sorry though.

He wrote several of these each day...

Somehow the Facebook bot caught this one...despite Steve being a savvy cock as he says:

He hated the mandates, obviously...

I think they wanted to help start anti-vaxxer clinics while sporting their new RV...

He lost his friend Hector to COVID. Did that sway him to get vaccinated? Nope. His death was due to "Healthcare Genocide"...

Ah, the dreams they had that won't be realized...

Let's check on his wife Teresa and see what she thinks...

Well, she posted the most gratuitous lie we've seen so far:

According to this post, her husband was in the ICU on September 28:

No, I was wrong, above. Actually, this next post is the most gratuitous lie we've seen so far AND it was posted while her husband was fighting for his life in the hospital with COVID, so it gets extra points:

Unreal. She also posted this:

On the same day as that last post, she posts:

Let's just cut to the chase:

The prayers, while nice, weren't enough...

RIP Steve.

Get vaccinated, Teresa and everyone else!

Note from Vaxman; We'll give a "Dead Poets Society" badge for each commenter who writes their comment as a poem. Please leave your poem as a comment, not a reply to a comment or it might be missed.

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