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Susan Havrilla, 61, Hazleton, PA, Ret. Nursing Assistant, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

According to this obituary, Susan died on February 16, 2022. Here's one I forgot to post in February of this year. Vehemently anti-vaxx she has some rather karmically ironic posts. I've been getting a lot of "fan mail" lately of people trying to convince me the vaccine is dangerous by posting suspicious stories about someone who was vaccine injured. Perhaps they should read about Susan here. COVID is much more dangerous. Seems that people can't wrap their heads around the mathematics of risk. Oh well, that why this site is still up. Enjoy.

Let's see where Susan's mind was at concerning vaccines...

"No one will look down on me again about the BS vaccine!!!!" ... till now?

We think YOU were dependent on YOU getting the vaccine, Susan.

Hindsight is hilarious isn't it?

"I am unstoppable."

"My immunity is my mask capeesch!!!!" -- This nurses’ assistant doesn't understand how someone becomes immune.

Again...she doesn't understand the relationship between vaccines and our immune system.

"God does judge the choices we make..." LOL. Yep, I guess he did.

She loves the phrase "where the sun don't shine.”

You know where the sun isn't shining anymore?



For you, Susan? Less than two months...

Perhaps she should've had a different Christmas wish?


Uh oh...she got COVID...

Dead cat...

And she didn't make it. That damn immune system.

RIP Susan.

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