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Tamara Drock, 47, Loxahatchee, FL. Kindergarten teacher, in ICU with COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

UPDATE (11/13/21): Tamara has passed away. She died yesterday 11/12/21. See Below.

UPDATE (11/7/221): We have an update on Tamara. She's still alive, and the American Frontline Nurses and Tamara's husband Ryan are still harassing the hospital. In fact, Ryan was forcibly removed and a restraining order was imposed. Click here to see below:

Original Story (10/21/21):

According to this story on the failed lawsuit brought by her husband Ryan against the Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center, Tamara has been in the ICU with COVID for almost two months (since August 23). The suit was trying to force the hospital to treat Tamara with Ivermectin, which makes no sense since it's touted to be anti-viral and, even if it did what they say, the virus has most likely been gone from her body for about 6 weeks now. Tamara and Ryan were not egregious anti-vaxxers from what I could find. This story is not about that, it's about the American Frontline Nurses, the small group of RN's who are advising these patients and influencing them to fight the hospitals who are trying to save their family members' lives. So far, this group hasn't seemed to make huge waves, with just a couple of cases making it to court. The group that is causing more damage, at least from a PR perspective, is the group that AFN refers to constantly, the FLCCC (Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance) and their FLCCC protocols. The FLCCC is a fringe group of quack doctors and scientists pushing Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine as treatments for COVID patients.

Are Ryan and Tamara anti-vaxxers? Well, not by the exacting standards of this site, but they weren't vaccinated and Ryan did post this on Oct 11, weeks into Tamara's ordeal...

So, unless they scrubbed their accounts or simply weren't active, there is no evidence they were trying to influence others to avoid getting vaccinated. However, as I mentioned above, they did sue the hospital...

They filed suit on October 8:

But behind the scenes were the American Frontline Nurses "advocating" for the patient:

So, who are these American Frontline Nurses?

Below is basically the whole team. There are three other members listed on the site but it's not clear that they are active. The leader of the bunch is founder Nicole Sirotek (in the back seat):

So, you have to wonder WHEN exactly they started "advocating" for Tamara and talking to Ryan. This gofundme was started two days (Oct 6) before the lawsuit seeking $150,000:

The gofundme was largely unsuccessful, only raising just under $5300 of the $150,000 they were seeking.

Leading up to the judgement in the Drock v. Hospital case, Nicole wasn't very happy. She not only seems down with this case, but she also seems down on the whole AFN thing in this livecast. She also says that the nurse advocates are getting overwhelmed and she has 230 cases .(Well, I know of another case they are working on that I'll post soon.) So maybe I should make a new site called SorryFrontlineNurses?

Anyway, the Judge in Florida made the right call not to interfere in medicine:

We hope you get better Tamara.



UPDATE (11/7/21): Tamara is still alive but still intubated (for over 6 weeks). Nicole Sirotek and Tamara's husband Ryan Drock are still harassing the hospital. Apparently, Ryan was removed from the hospital and a restraining order was placed on him. He is banned from the hospital.

And the American Frontline Nurses have set up a protest at the hospital today a 3pm:


UPDATE (11/12/221): She's gone:

RIP Tamara.

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1,800th comment woo hoo!


Feb 19, 2022


Zero II
Zero II
Jan 23, 2022

So these "nurses" are harassing the hospital to administer an unproven drug to treat covid. I find it odd that AFN did not offer to administer Ivermectin to the patient themselves, they have to harass hospitals to do it and launch a GoFundMe. I guess they don't want to get sued if things go wrong??


Sorry Not Sorry
Sorry Not Sorry
Nov 26, 2021

So…if the hospital was “medically mismanaging” her…why didn’t she leave? I’m sure other people could have benefitted from that bed she selfishly hogged up for 6 weeks 🧐


Nov 25, 2021

@vaxman Headline needs updating to “Dead from COVID.”

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