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Taren Tapp, 36, Dixon, KY, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from COVID

Let's meet Taren Tapp of Dixon, KY. She's a former substitute teacher, loved hunting and was married to Daniel Tapp. Finally, an anti-vaxxer that didn't reproduce like a rabbit. You can jump to comments here.

This is the typical anti-vaxxer story, but what sparked my interest was the commentary between Taren and her friends.

Taren works at Cracker Barrel, but in her spare time, she is an epidemiologist.

She consults with other part-time epidemiologists to give you the low down on the COVID vaccine.

She actually has an informed family member.

She doesn’t want division but shares divisive misinformation. Her friend Erin really tried.


Erin keeps plugging away at her. I admire her dedication.

This premonition was so on point with this one.

The annoying wannabe cowboy who records himself alone in his car. He must be an epidemiologist too?

Taren doesn't have the echo chamber that we're used to seeing.

Ah, what an amazing husband.

Four days later.

Cue Facebook Doctor Heather.

And some advice from other friends was a bit more qualified.

In hindsight, the concert wasn't a great idea.

Her husband is now well enough to give us some updates.

Yep, that concert was definitely a bad idea.

Sadly, Taren didn't make it and earned her Herman Cain Award. You can read Taren's obituary here.

A year later, Daniel Tapp tapped a Taren 2.0.

I'll end it with this.

You can find more anti-vax stories on Facebook at Herman Cain Awardzz.

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