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The Duncan Family of Shawnee, KS vs COVID

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

The carnage in our next HCA story is absolutely astounding. I've never seen anything like this. You are going to need a pen and paper to keep track of who is alive and who isn't. Seriously. Buckle up, because it is quite the story.

UPDATE 6/30/22: ManDate created a Duncan Family Tree. ManDate, you're the man! Hats off to you.

2nd UPDATE 6/30/22: Larry, who was married to Carolyn's youngest daughter, gave us some additional intel. Jump to the Dr. Mead section here.

I promise that it's worth reading every screenshot. It will take you a while to get through, but you won't regret it. Jump to comments.

Carolyn Duncan is going to narrate this for us through her FB posts. We'll start with some of Carolyn's religious + political nuttery.

A narrow miss by the pastor and doctor. whoever they're supposed to be.

Not saying it’s Covid, but these kinds of posts are going to be trending a lot on her page. We'll get a lot of Covid confirmation too.

She finds these articles very interesting.

Her dear friend Bill Tipton passed away on 9/17/21. He's 84, so it could a wide variety of things.

Pneumonia. This is very suspicious. I smell COVID. Both Jack and her sister have pneumonia, aka COVID.

Start taking mental notes of who needs prayers.

Her brother-in-law Jack needs divine intervention. Her sister Betty has the flu? 🤔

Larry who was mentioned earlier, as just having a stroke, is now back in the hospital.

We need to add Kraig and Karen to the prayer list. This one doesn't seem to be COVID related.

Carolyn's 75-year-old brother-in-law Jack Thurman has passed away. His wife Betty is still not doing well.

Carolyn's niece Kathy now needs prayers. She's hospitalized and on a respirator. That sure sounds like something that starts with a "c". Larry is not improving and now her son Edward is ill.

Carolyn's 61-year-old niece, Kathy Demaris has also passed away.

Carolyn's son Edward is now hospitalized with some secret condition. Also, don't forget about her brother-in-law Larry.

She's been keeping this really big secret. Carolyn just got over COVID and claims to be living proof that you don't need a vaccine. WTF? She must have already forgotten about the family members who recently died. Also, she still has a son hospitalized due to COVID.

Ed doesn't have a collapsed lung. It's COVID pneumonia. He also regrets not taking mama's secret solution.

UPDATED 6/30/22

Dr. Mark Mead is the one who gave Carolyn this recipe for the secret treatment solution. Dr. Mead is a chiropractor and a friend of the Duncan family. Larry (Carolyn's youngest daughter's ex-husband) let us know that Dr. Mead suddenly disappeared from their family gatherings. It was said that he was on some sort of mission. It ends up that Dr. Mead was in jail for fraud. He was involved in a Ponzi-like scheme related to some sort of retirement scam. You can read about that here.

She's now blaming the antibiotic.

Get ready. She starts talking some crazy talk.

That doesn't sound good.

Now the Biggs family has COVID and needs prayers. WTF is going on over there?

Carolyn is having some car issues so she can't go see her son. Also, her niece Terri is now hospitalized with COVID too.

Terri has been released, but it doesn't sound good for Ed.

Carolyn is back to posting nonsense.

Larry isn't doing well.

They both need a miracle.

She's staying strong with her anti-vaxx stance.

They're going to keep Edward alive until she can say her goodbyes.

Carolyn's 54-year-old son, Clarence Edward Duncan has passed away. And, it's not over yet.

Her nephew is now hospitalized and on a ventilator. How much more can one family handle?

It really is never-ending drama.

She's ready for Jesus to come back and raise all the dead.

Her nephew Sean and his mother have both passed away.

Carolyn's son James attended his brother's funeral so now he has COVID. Plague rats everywhere. WTF???? 🤦

Run James. Do not walk!

She is something else.

Her grandson Andrew is now sick too.

No, Carolyn. Stop!!

We have James, Connie and Andrew all sick. And it's all Jay's fault?

Shit! Her son James is now hospitalized.

Carolyn, do the complete opposite of what you're thinking here.

It doesn't sound good for James. Andrew is not doing well either.

Her 51-year-old son James Duncan passed away on Christmas.

Carolyn, we are all thinking the same thing. I don't think I've ever seen anything like this.

Here we go again. 🙈🙈🙈


This may not be COVID-related, but...

Is someone playing a cruel joke on Carolyn?

This is her daughter Alicia.

2 1/2 months later. This can't be real life.

I can see why there are not a lot left on both sides. Did anyone get vaccinated?

This is the latest. Uncle Elmer needs prayers.

In response to Uncle Elmer, Carolyn's friend claims that the vaccine killed several of her family members. They'll never learn.

UPDATE: 6/29/22

Carolyn has learned about her story here and is blaming it on her ex-son-in-law Larry? 🤷 I feel bad for Larry, as Carolyn has received some bad intel.

I have no idea what she's talking about regarding her middle daughter. We just want everyone vaccinated!

I'll leave you with this one. We should all feel very special, because we're somehow a part of some Bible prophecy...

Carolyn, please go get vaccinated and urge your family to get vaccinated. If you are related to Carolyn and right now to the nearest COVID vaccination center and get vaccinated.

The Duncan Family Tree

SAV reader, ManDate created this Duncan Bunch masterpiece

Duncan Family Tree

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Aug 25, 2023

My advice is to get the hell out of Shanee, KS. Distance yourself from anyone close to or near to Duncans and avoid the prayer list if you do contract Covid. This is a train wreck of an ignorant tribe of religious nuts that refuse to or don't understand reality of science. The entire post seems like an episode that would air on the Comedy Channell. Or even a documentary on PBS, Nature. Batshit fuckers too damn illiterate and shit-for-brains that should be studied for the benefit of scientific research.


Jul 28, 2023


TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
Jun 21, 2023

Just Wow. Kudos to ManDate for the fantastic family tree. So, there were 12 deaths that we know about and many more severe cases and hospitalizations. Probably tons of long COVID. Also, those who have been infected with Covid are at high risk of heart damage or disease. The rare temporary cases of myocarditis in young males caused by some vaccines are a minuscule risk compared to the risk of myocarditis in all populations from Covid.

“COVID-19 can affect the heart even if a person’s coronavirus infection is mild. Research from Al-Aly that was published last year found that individuals who were reinfected were twice as likely to die and three times more likely to be hospitalized than those who…


Jan 24, 2023

The ultimate thinning of the herd. The weak (and stupid) are killed, so that the new herd will be stronger (and smarter) Thank Carolyn for your assistance... ps:omg!!!!!


Krissie Kochanski
Krissie Kochanski
Oct 14, 2022

I did it!

Dorchester borcester
Dorchester borcester
Oct 14, 2022
Replying to

Jeebus loves you!

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