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Theresa Jordan, 60, Tampa, FL, Nurse handling COVID cases, anti-vaxxer, Died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to this post, Theresa died of COVID on September 12, 2021. Apparently she was taking care of COVID patients throughout the pandemic and yet, she was an anti-vaxxer. What were you thinking?

The Amish? Those people who have no contact with the outside world? They're pretty much been in quarantine for a few hundred years.

Ah one of the now classic anti-vaxxer memes:

She's angry about vaccine mandates in California obviously, since she lives in Florida

She's sick on the 13th of August:

She tests positive on August 14:

Asks for some food on August 15....for A COVID Nurse.

She confides in a friend how scared she was but that she's getting better. She also seems to imply she'd get vaccinated -- or that she wouldn't work with COVID patients again. It's not clear.

But in the end the "I'm gonna kill you now" virus won...

This one makes NO sense at all. She saw COVID patients suffer and yet she didn't get vaccinated.

RIP Theresa.

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