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This is Jim Sells, an ex-Anti-vaxxer. He lived through COVID. Now he says: "Get Vaccinated!"

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

UPDATE (11/5/2021): Jim made an appearance on a Sanjay Gupta segment on CNN yesterday to tell his story and how he now pushes everyone to get vaccinated. The tip about this story was from SAV commenter Jackie McDowall (Flo Knight), a healthcare professional who, because of this story, became friends with Jim online. She says he's really come a long way and is fighting his anti-vaxxer friends to this day. See the video of the CNN Interview here.

Original Post (9/10/2021):

Meet Jim Sells, a conservative councilman from Georgia. He too admits his conservatism and "self reliance" almost cost him his life. Now he's telling all of his conservative colleagues to GET VACCINATED.

I'll let Jim tell all you conservative yahoos who aren't getting vaccinated based on your ideas what fools you are:

He continues...

And finally he says...

Thank you Jim!!! Congratulations, you are a champion.



UPDATE (11/5/2021): Here is Jim's story on CNN:

Thank you, Jim! This shows the skeptic commenters on this site that people can change.

Carry on the fight!

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