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Time for a station break.

Hey SAVers. Given the amount of bickering we've seen on the comments and forums lately, I thought I'd share some observations. First, these types of attacks on people who are essentially in the same tribe is the reason that Democrats and liberals lose elections. It's certainly how Donald Trump became president. You see, liberals aren't very good at being a tribe. Conservatives are excellent at it. Go and read Truth Social, or a Q-Anon site and you'll find that people are too busy agreeing with one another to argue; what they agree on is danger posed by the "other" side. America and the world are in grave danger from these solid tribes of idiots, and all the while liberals and centrists are bitching about each other as much as they are about the real enemy...the right wing. The split between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders CAUSED Donald Trump to win, and what followed with the Supreme Court. Now abortion is being banned across the country, and barriers to voting by minorities are being constructed. This kind of split would never happen today on the right. Once a conservative candidate is chosen they all follow suit like a good tribe and march together to win. The behavior of many on this site is a microcosm of the bigger problem; somehow we need to march together and quit bickering and focus our energies on the real enemies instead of ourselves.

By the way, having a common enemy is exactly what made the United States great in the first place. The Conservatives NEED an enemy, and so during my lifetime I saw the value of the existence of the Soviet Union. We all agreed that we should have better educated population than the Soviet Union, that we should have better scientists than the Soviet Union, that we should have better athletes than the Soviet Union. Since the fall of the Soviet Union we've turned on ourselves, or rather the right wing has turned on the next best thing to the Soviet Union, the "socialist" liberals, which we all know is a farce but it's what they need to maintain their tribe.

What I'd like to ask the tribe left here at SAV is to focus on being a tribe by focusing on the enemy. The enemy comprises the right wing, the anti-vaxxers, the anti-scientists, the flat earthers, the religious zealots, and the Trumpers.

Thanks, carry on and all that. Now that the pandemic is winding down, we're going to be refocusing this site on "kookbabblers" and other right wing nut jobs that I had no idea even existed before taking on this site. Until then I've got a backlog of anti-vaxxers to post for posterity purposes, and I'm considering making these stories NFTs. That way they can exist on the blockchain forever so that people in the future can look back and see just how stupid anti-vaxxers were.

Carry on!

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