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Timothy Neal, 58, Somerset, OH, Mechanic, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID

UPDATE(4/17/22): I got an email from a family member of Tim. He says Tim didn't post on Facebook and that it was all Connie, his wife, who was the anti-vaxxer posting on the Tim Connie Neal facebook page. I'll post the email while removing any identifying parts below. Skip to the update

Original Post (4/3/22):

According to this obituary, Timothy died on October 7th, 2021. He died from COVID. Timothy and his wife Connie were/are extreme Trumpers, anti-vaxx, and barely literate. It's hard to know how to handle this post. It's quite apparent that they aren't very well educated and that they, like most of the people on this site, fell victim to the conservative manipulation machine. It makes me sad to see people with these kinds of inherent disadvantages get sucked into these strong political positions and then have to suffer. These conservative pundits and politicians have become experts on manipulating the uneducated and it seems they have been pushing the buttons non-stop over the past decade.

We'll start with Timothy's views on vaccination...

And Connie agrees...

And then Timothy gets COVID "ammonia":

Oh, and not only does her husband have COVID but his brother died from it:

And Timothy goes through the normal progression of getting ventilated and getting a tracheotomy…

She knows her own limitations as she posts updates of her own updates by her husband's sister:

She signs a DNR:

She doesn't want to give up:

But he dies the next day:

She tells the whole story. Notice that she isn't blaming the hospital YET:

Nobody should have to go through this:

And yet she posts this:

And months later she's blaming the hospitals. Reading other accounts no doubt has influenced her:

Also, she thinks Hitler is still alive?

She started posting on Tiktok:

Here's her Trump tribute:

Here are some videos that she thinks proves that the hospital staff was lying about him being unresponsive:

Anyway, she's joined up with the Trucker Freedumb Convoy in Ohio and pushed her "murder" narrative:

Oh well.

RIP Timothy.


Here is the letter from the family member about this situation (edited for redaction reasons):

"Hello, i'm emailing you because i was searching the internet today and came upon one of your anti-vaxx posts and it happened to be Timothy Neal, posted on April 3rd. As i read the first paragraph, it was already kind of making me angry. Not at you specifically, but at the fact that his wife, is literally making him look just a dumb as she is. He only had one facebook profile but he never got on it. His profile is just Tim Neal. Any profile with his name and his wife's name as the person, is her. She made multiple facebook pages because she would get banned for posting dumb shit all the time. She would then hop on her alt page and post the same dumb shit. If you look at both profiles Timothy Connie Neal and Connie Sue Whittington Neal, you'll see that they are very similar. The things that are posted and the 1st grade literacy are exactly the same. He WAS a Trumper, but a lazy one because he never voted. He wasn't an anti-vaxxer. Yes, it was taking some convincing to get him to get it, but we talked a lot about it, and he was going to get it but never got the chance to. He was a military veteran and a business owner. He was FAR from uneducated or dumb. The dumbest thing he did was marrying his dumb ass wife.

I'm not asking you to take the post down. I just wanted to shed light on who he was and who his wife was making him out to be by pretending to be him. I would, however, be very grateful if you edited parts that said that he was dumb or iliterate. Even mention how the facebook profiles you're getting your information from are owned by his wife."

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Jul 06, 2022


May 28, 2022



Isn't that agonal breathing or something?


May 03, 2022

Poor ignorant and the only thing that makes them feel good is hate.


TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
TCZ Barbed-Wire Bat
Apr 28, 2022

Yeah, we’ve heard this one many times before about the (dead) AVers profiled here. The person “wasn’t an anti-vaxxer and was just about to get their shot.” This is mainly about concerns the survivors have about medical bills and the patient’s responsibility for their own illness and death.

Not necessarily the person who wrote the email, but in general, especially when they turn to the dumbfuckery that Connie has, #protocolkills. Their first mandate must be: Take no personal responsibility for the Covid death, ever.

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