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Todd Snyder, 53, Kerrville, TX, Self-employed, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

UPDATE (1/25/22): According to our SAV insider Richard Fawcett, Todd died at 8:45am CST this morning. This despite the V-dances, quantum healer, and the latest red-light therapy that Shari did for him. See below:

Original Post (1/10/22):

According to his wife, Shari (posts below), Todd has been in the ICU with pneumonia from COVID for 40 days. Todd and Shari are owners of Hill Country Tiny Homes, which was featured on HGTV's Tiny Paradise series (season 2, episode 5) about families seeking out tiny houses to live in different places around the country. These tiny houses seem to be glorified mobile homes to me, but what do I know? Anyway, Todd only had one anti-vaccine post that I could find, and it was from 2017. You see, Todd and Shari were anti-vaxxers way before this COVID pandemic, and they even got vaccine exemptions for their children over the last 15 years. To be honest, if it weren't for Shari's wild postings and crazy videos Todd wouldn't be on SAV. She definitely did most of the anti-vaxx heavy lifting in their family, both before and after he got sick. She scrubbed most of her anti-vaxx posts on Facebook after the HCA people found her; however, she didn't scrub her instagram, and she's been posting on Facebook regularly since the attention from HCA died down. (This is long, so click here for a short cut to the bottom.)

First, let's see what Todd had to say about COVID and vaccines:

^^^ That's it. That's all I could find, a post from 2017. Some BS anti-vaxx YouTube, that was removed because of community standards, about vaccines and natural immunity.

The rest of this post will be about Shari. So hold on tight, and grab some coffee or tea or something stronger....

We'll start with her posts from Instagram. This is from March 2021:

If you read her comments you can already tell that she's really misinformed. The CDC should just get rid of VAERS since the misunderstanding about what it means and how the data isn't vetted has probably killed a crapload of people:

Ah, so she's a Qanon believer too! You can tell because of the Adrenochrom(e) remark. If you don't know, Wikipedia says this: Adrenochrome is a component of several conspiracy theories such as QAnon and the Pizzagate conspiracy theory,[17][18][19] with the chemical helping the theories play a similar role to earlier blood libel and satanic ritual abuse stories.

Standard anti-vaxx meme:

More misreading of VAERS. So the government is pushing vaccines to kill people but they also keep a database of their deeds? Now THAT'S actual cognative dissonance.

This is a video of some unnamed dude claiming to be a lab scientist who used a scanning electron microscope to try to find COVID in 1500 patients' samples and only found standard flu viruses. Thus, he claims COVID is a hoax.

More VAERS misunderstanding:

She was reading "How to Raise the Dead" in April. Best Comment: "Who knew necromancy would come in handy a short 8 months later?"

Again, she's been against vaccines for a LONG time...

Of course she's for medical freedumb:

So Shari went to the school board this to see how nuts she is. She's basically trying to hold the school board members liable for violating the "Nuremberg Code" by recommending an "experimental vaccine".

Here she is exlaining the "notice of liability" she served the school board members. The big difference here is that she claims Sars-cov2 has not been isolated in a lab.

And if you can stomach more of Shari, here she is reading a reporter's take and offering rebuttal comments. She is extremely confident in her false opinions, unfortunately.

So Todd ended up in the Hospital with "the hoax" on November 30. Her husband is in the hospital fighting for his life when she posts this on December 5:

By the 6th, she is telling the doctors how to do their jobs. When you look up Dunning-Kruger, her picture should be next to the definition.

She posts this on Instgram the same day:

Here she seems a bit resigned to letting them save her husband's life:

But the next day she's raising money to get "legal help" to fight the hospital:

Here are the details of that fundraiser: "fight medical tyranny" and help her get her husband out of the hospital...

Then she does this crazy victory prayer and says that she's got a Quantum Healer out there on call, praying for him. Also, she says that if he is suffering and wants to go to Jesus she'll let him, and he says "I'm not suffering" while laying on his stomach using a BPAP to breathe.

Then good old Allen West, the guy running to be the GOP candidate for governor of Texas that we featured on SAV some time ago, weighs in on Shari and Todd's plight:

seriously, they're trying to get a court order to get him more IV fluids? WTF?

I guess she didn't finish the necromancy book then, huh?

So by the 26th Todd is on the ECMO, and she seems to be trusting the hospital again...

On the 31st she's questioning the hospital's motivation:

And on the same day she says this. She just doesn't trust Doctors:

This woman is unreal...

Her Facebook medical degree surely trumps the degrees of these MDs?

If I were a doctor there I'd just tell her to take over the case and tell her: "good luck":

And more anti-vaxx propaganda:

and a few days later she's trying to take over his care again...this time with probiotics. I'd love to hear what the medical staff says behind closed doors about this woman...

More from Doctor Shari....

And more...

and more...

He's still alive for now. We'll keep an eye on this and make updates if something changes...

Get better, Todd.


UPDATE (1/25/22): According to Richard Fawcett, Todd is dead. We've seen enough of these to know that this was the eventual ending for Doug. However, Shari fought for his life the only way she knew how, with magic. Magic from the Lord, magic Ivermectin, magic from quantum healers, magic victory dances, and a magic red light therapy. Well, this time magic didn't work. She and Todd should've used modern science and medicine instead of magic.

She got out the EMF protector:

She was prepared to fight for the right to try photobiomodulation

But it seems like the night shift doctor said, "Fuck it, do what you want, lady."

But it didn't work...

And now he's dead.

RIP Todd.

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Paisley Q
Paisley Q
22 mei 2023

It looks like Shari found new (pureblood) love and moved on.

(All the good ones are taken or were murdered? Who on earth says that?)


03 sep. 2022

Wow that was painful to read.

my head hurts, braun fog after watching videos

omg - what a trip


The Queen Dunning Kruger still going strong. Her narcissism guarantees eventual disaster. I won't shed a tear.


She thinks Richard “Faucett” is real.

Also, under what premise would she sue? She‘s the dipshit that publicly shared her husband’s demise, going so far as counting down his GD blood pressure in real time (disgusting). These people are lunatics. Shari, your anti-science stance killed your husband. Period. And you can’t sue people because they’ve shared your public posts, and others are commenting on them. Your uninformed, and misinformed covid propaganda has, and continues to, contribute to the death and suffering of others. The irony of your Widow group is that you all played a part in killing each other‘s husbands! So now you’ll blame the hospitals, healthcare workers. You people sink lower and lower. Serious question: Have you EVER…

Reageren op

Truth! Unfortunately, some people are blinded by religion/politics etc... Too proud to admit they're wrong! It can be a hard but necessary fall waking up from delusion. Great comment!


Hey Shari, Remember when you guys first got to the hospital, when Todd was struggling to breathe, but you wanted to get in front of the camera and let everyone know he was doing great? I think about that a lot. Those were critical first moments, those first few days, his lungs needed complete rest, to be treated like premature babies, but you couldn’t put your phone down, he was like your circus monkey.

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