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Tommy Peak, Hughes County Commissioner, OK, extreme anti-vaxxer, has passed on from COVID

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

According to this story, Hughes County Commissioner (Oklahoma) and Anti-vaxxer Tommy Peak has died of COVID.

Tommy LOVED to repost anti-vaxx memes on Facebook. (We've seen all of these before with other fucked anti-vaxxers):

The "it's political" meme:

"New strains my ass" meme:

The "THEY are only doing this for fear" meme:

The "if it's so important that this is free, why isn't all healthcare free?" meme. (This one is really ironic given that people like Tommy here don't want universal healthcare.):

The "if you have to be persuaded..." meme:

The comparing getting vaccinated to the Holocaust meme:

Now Tommy Peak himself is a meme.

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Sep 22, 2021

Here's an OK facebook group full of potential...


▪ b i b l e

▪ t h u m p e r s

▪ m a g a

▪ t r u m p e r s

▪ c o n s p i r a c y

▪ c r i e r s

▪ s c i e n c e

▪ d e n i e r s

▪ a n d

▪ o t h e r

▪ s u c h

▪ g e n i u s e s

▪ w h o

▪ l u s t

▪ f o r

▪ r e v o l u t i o n

▪ a l l

▪ g e t



Yarnek of Excalbia
Yarnek of Excalbia
Sep 18, 2021

re-bury Tommy Peak


David Ross
David Ross
Sep 18, 2021

These morons want a Civil War? They'd be slaughtered. Battle takes tactics strategy and intelligence. These fools wouldn't last 5 minutes before they shit their pants or walked into a bullet.


The Nazi comparisons are just insane. That last meme. The truth is that the vaxed are liberated from death.

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