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Veronica Wolski, 64, Chicago, Il., Qanon Conspiracy Theorist. Anti-vaxxer. Died from COVID.

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

According to this story, Veronica Wolski has died. She's known for her YouTube videos from the "People's Bridge" and broadcasting from bridges over the Kennedy Expressway with signs facing oncoming traffic, typically promoting Qanon. She was anti-mask and anti-vaxx. You know, freedom.

Posting this basically for completeness. Not much to add that isn't in the article, above.

You might want to go check out her YouTube channel:

Oh wait...I forgot, there is this asshole, Lin Wood, who got some Qanon people to harass the hospital caring for Veronica. They called, wrote, and even stood outside the hospital blowing horns, demanding the hospital to treat her with Ivermectin. I'm surprised they didn't storm it like the capital, but maybe they've learned their lesson.

Here is Lin making even more of an ass out of himself calling Amita Resurrection Hospital trying to intimidate them by being a "Lawyer." He should be stripped of that designation soon, right?

I'm sure NOW these people will use Veronica as their martyr and create an Ivermectin army and start attacking more and more hospitals. Maybe this can replace "The Storm" as something for them to be patriots about? We'll see.

Did these kind of people exist before the internet?

RIP Veronica

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