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Violet Richards, 58, Mechanicsville, VA. Anti-vaxxer, triple-bypass survivor, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary Violet died on November 28, 2021. She died from COVID. She is a triple bypass survivor who somehow became an anti-vaxxer, which cost her her life.

Before we get into her anit-vaxx stance, back in 2013 she had triple bypass surgery...

Despite the medical experts who saved her life back then, she seems to have turned on the medical establishment:

Loves what Deathsantis did in Florida:

Another misreading of VAERS:

She likes the shirts these clowns are wearing:

Cucker Tarlson:

I guess she wasn't convinced:

Sebastian Gorka...what a tool.

No, they gave themselves a death sentence.

False info:


Better get boosted, readers!

She gets COVID and goes on a ventilator:

She doesn't make it:

RIP Violet.

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