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Warren Honeycutt, 67, Southhaven, MS, Fitness Guru, Anti-vaxxer and dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 22, 2022

According to social media posts (below), Warren died of COVID on September 30, 2021. Warren was a fitness guru. He competed in Mr. America and had his own fitness company, GetHoneycutt, inc., where he sold books and videos teaching us how to be fit and live better. In the end, though, he was a vigilant anti-vaxxe,r and he taught us his most valuable lesson: Get Vaccinated!

So, how did Warren feel about getting vaccinated? At least he didn't depend on other people's memes!

I'm not gonna challenge him.

^^^ We have one...COVID.

Ha ha. He's a comedian, too?

Not seeing it...

Oh...he changed his CDC joke.


This post is the self-referential definition you're looking for:

Oh, he lost a vaccinated relative:

Oh, but the guy was 86 years old:

You get the point. Then how did this end up?

RIP Warren.

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