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Yvette "QT" Clark, 50, Bixby, OK, QTWIQ1 on Twitter, anti-vaxxer, intubated with COVID.

UPDATE (3/18/22): QT is one of most notorious of SAVs, along with Heidi Heubel Hitt and Doug Kuzma. Like Triple H, QT has pulled through, and like Triple H, she's still an anti-vaxxer. See below

UPDATE (2/9/22): We have an update on QT. See below

UPDATE (1/24/22): Apparently, Yvette is slowly improving. We also got a message purported to be from QT herself, but we are still trying to verify it. See below.

UPDATE(1/16/22): Yvette was intubated today, 1/16/22. See below.

Original Post (1/14/22):

According to her own twitter account, QT is in the hospital with COVID. QT is a longtime conservative Twitterer who, besides liking knitting and high heeled shoes, also loves to shit post about vaccines and mandates. Twitter is all abuzz because she was so smug and confident until she landed in the hospital, and now she admits that she's "scared".

So let's see some of her recent posts about COVID. We'll only focus on the posts from the past month and just a few of those; there are way too many posts. (She has tweeted 187,000 times, to give you a sense of how prolific she is, but you can go see for yourself.)

She likes the anti-vaxx memes for sure...she does a great job of walking right into this one.

December 19...

December 26 reason to go to the doctor unless you're dying ....

December 29...she feels "ripped off"...

December 30...she refuses now more than ever. After all, she survived 2021!

Fuck us.

Look, "Rona" is no big deal....

January 1, she only trusts memes...not doctors or politicians...

Rona IS as joke, after all....

"Same". Flu is much worse. I mean, c'mon....

Meh, China Virus ...ICU...Well, not even ICU. Easy peasy.

At least she avoided spike proteins. Wait, she got China virus, so...


Her whole Twitter feed now reminds me of the classic BAMBI MEETS GODZILLA...


Get better QT!!!


UPDATE(1/16/22): QT was intubated on Sunday 1/16/22:

UPDATE (1/24/22):

We have this tweet from someone who apparently knows Yvette. Power of prayer. Doctors have nothing to do with her health, I guess.

One of our top commentors on the site "found" this video from QT herself. Good to see her in such good spirits:

Thanks to SAV member, Dan Peterson, for "bringing" this to our attention.



UPDATE (2/9/22): Gotcha! I know what you were thinking! Shame on you.

Apparently, according to @nancyMAGAmonkey on Twitter, QT is still slowly recovering.

Take it with a grain of salt, but it's the only information anyone has had in 24 days.

Get better QT, live to tell the tale.

UPDATE (3/18/22): Her most recent post. Seems like she'll never really be the same, physically:

And yet, as noted by a commenter below...she's still anti-vaxx...

I'll never understand these people.

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Hello SAVvers. I am not posting on the main site, but still use SAV forums to: add COVID/health info, Jan 6 insurrectionists, mock and keep people informed of the LOSER45's trials, and now and then I add SAV entries.

Someone asked about QT a couple of days ago. I made an update in Jan. HERE:

If you are signed into SAV and like the post, it would be appreciated. (You can't like anything there unless you are signed in. The format in the forums is a little different than here.)


Aug 25, 2023

Alas, QT has been surpassed.


Aug 23, 2023


Aug 23, 2023
Replying to

Yay HOS! Keeping Loomer losing. 👏


Aug 23, 2023


Aug 23, 2023

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