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May 13, 2022
In General Discussion
Since the first of the year our IRAs have lost almost 15%! We are meeting our financial advisor next Tuesday, what do we do? Invest in US I bonds, which is paying good interest due to inflation? Put the $$ in our mattress? Invest in Ivermectin? We are both 66, should be no penalties if we take money out. Currently our pensions and SSI cover our bills, and a comfortable lifestyle. But we don't want to keep losing money. Thanks for your input, be it thoughtful or silly.
Apr 30, 2022
In General Discussion
So because 3 of my birthday sharers have been mentioned in last few days in SAV posts, I thought I'd start this topic. Birthday is 10/10 (1955 which makes me a perfect ten!)... John Prine (found out he was born 10/10 from his obituary, what a wonderful talent) David Lee Roth, same year even Jennifer Nowicki (CeCe Scurlock's buddy who posted that she died) Brett Favre Tanya Tucker Ben Vereen Except for Jennifer, I knew of the other folks before today. Just punched date in Google and found out I share birthday with John Cleese, Silvia Plath and Teddy Roosevelt! Who do you blow out the candles with?


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