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Other sources of disinformation
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May 10, 2022
Disinformation- weaponized lies intended to divide and destroy through disease, disability, and death. This is calculated. This is basic Soviet subversion 101. [Understanding Russian Subversion Patterns, Threats, and Responses]( [Bezmenov’s Steps (Ideological Subversion)]( Basics to understand when dealing with disinformation and misinformation. [Disinformation Wiki](, [Misinformation Wiki](, [Active Measures Wiki]( [Subversion Wiki]( Important articles: United States [Homeland Security Affairs Journal SPECIAL COVID-19 ISSUE]( Canada [University of Calgary PUBLICATIONS SPP Communiqué COVID-19 AS A TOOL OF INFORMATION CONFRONTATION: RUSSIA’S APPROACH* Sergey Sukhankin ]( Misinformation is not necessarily intentional misleading and misinforming. The people who consume disinformation then regurgitate it and spread it to others thinking they are somehow the enlightened one who has secret information when really they believed weaponized lies and are now doing the adversary’s dirty work for them. It’s truly a national security issue at this point to stop disinformation. I have yet to really see it addressed in any meaningful way by politicians. They know about but they focus on dealing with it in an interventional way vs in a way to prevent it from spreading and causing damage like we see in the anti reality, anti science, anti COVID vaccine/mitigation efforts. Why? One must always ask why is it more plausible that COVID isn’t dangerous despite what is known on some subconscious level? Why is it more likely the government wants to kill its citizens and destroy the nation through disease, disability, or death? The United States has friends and foes when it comes to international relations. People need to understand that social media is being used for nefarious purposes by those hostile to the United States or Canada or insert country’s name here. While I don’t know who or what is behind Q, I do understand how targeted disinformation campaigns have undermined efforts to control the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 with anti mask, anti social distancing, anti vaccination rhetoric that is totally false. Then the misinformation folks who know they are spreading known falsehoods that can damage society but they are making a profit by doing so. Think of the Tucker Carlsons, Dr. Mercola, Joe Rogans, and those who imitate them in hopes of becoming wealthy even at the nation’s expense. I’m not going to get political here. Just know that disinformation isn’t limited to COVID. This is international warfare, a neo Cold War that is being waged online. It’s really difficult to see the manipulation of information affect my fellow humans regardless of country of origin but it especially pains me to see my countrymen unwittingly take part in destroying the nation instead of uniting together as a nation to stop this virus of the mind if you will. Pillars-of-Russia’s-Disinformation-and-Propaganda-Ecosystem_08-04-20.pdf Poor people & COVID-19


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