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(The poem that earned me the badge....) Tribute to a Dead Anti-Vaxxer Travel Nurse

A belligerent man named Steve Shurden...was driving an RV around the country while turdin'...

He preached against the "plandemic" the midst of a Covid pandemic...

Fearing depopulation and government control...he had completely lost his soul...

With no concern for his neighbors and friends...he refused the vaccine for his own political ends...

Until one day he learned the hard way...that Covid just doesn't play...

Now his tombstone tells the people..."I owned the libs and I was no sheeple!"...


  • Do I look sick?
    Do I look sick?
  • Dead Poets Society
    Dead Poets Society
    “I sound my barbaric yawp over the antivaxxers of the world!”


Do I look sick?
Dead Poets Society
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