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Apr 29, 2022
In General Discussion
I am a health insurance agent. I respect HIPPA laws so I won’t give out any personal information here. me I have a client on an ACA plan. They called me very upset about a claim not being paid. They failed to pay their premium but since I’m good I can fix it retroactively. I gotta pull some bullshit to do that but I help my people. they had covid in feb. They told me they were in the ICU for 7 days and almost died. The dr gave them 50-50 chances at one point. You know if a Dr says 50-50 they are being nice. THEY PULLED THROUGH. but I/we knew what was going on. I said to them. “X”. I like you. (I lied). Now that you got through that do you think you will get vaccinated ?? A LITERAL 30 SECOND PAUSE. I was never gonna speak. I just waited. They said. I will never do that. They said it was Covid pneumonia but I think it was just regular pneumonia. so I just spoke to a person who will LITERALLY DIE! During the next wave. afterward I checked out their FB. Of course, religious nut. i was just happy trump will lose another voter. They are a dead person walking.


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