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A Tale of Long COVID, with Added Double Downing

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Diane Knowlton, 67, Blue Spring, MO, Suffering Long COVID.

Double Down. Meaning: to continue doing something in an even more determined way than before.

Diane is a coordinator for a teen club for kids and adults with disabilities. She was widowed, but remarried in 2018, to Chris Knowlton. She has four adult kids. Her daughter Michelle has Down Syndrome. Michelle is the innocent one in this story, so please, no negative comments about her.

As always, we start off with her Anti-vaxx shenanigans. The first picture is slightly off topic, but on the HCAz the Angel of Death has a near 100% kill rate. When we see her on an Anti-vaxxer's page we always post it.

The above Anti-vaxx posts might seem tame compared to the heavyweights we get here, but remember, there is still a Double Down to come.

In August, things go pear-shaped.

It seems mother and daughter were lucky and made it out of the hospital. But...

And thus begins a series of Double Down posts.

She updates us on her condition.

And Doubles Down again.

Time for some alternate Hocus Pocus...

Facebook Doctors are activated.

More alternate Hocus Pocus, because "modern medicine failed her".

A bit more of that Double Down stuff, just to spice things up.

Hooray, she is well enough to go and infect some compromised kids.

Some more updates where she tells us about symptoms of long COVID plus some bonus Double Downs and a grifter.

I don't understand her here. She refused the American-made medicine?

She gives updates on her condition, with a heavy dose of Double Down.

Some irony thrown in for good measure.

We wish her luck and hope the cat does not make an appearance. Just for Michelle's sake.

Preaching to the converted again, but you all know what needs to be done to avoid this crap.

Get your shots and your boosters. We are HCAman, thank you. Peace and we are out...till next time.

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