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Alvin Murphy, 56, Somerville, AL, anti-vaxxer, hospitalized with COVID

Updated: May 4, 2022

According to his own social media account, Alvin is in the hospital with COVID and it doesn't sound like he's doing well. He lost his mother to COVID about a month ago. He is a typical southern hick of an anti-vaxxer, as you'll see. Yep, he has the goatee of Covid death.

Here we go...this one I completely agree with him about; these are not science:

Actually, Alvin is anothercon...

We've seen this before:

and this:

and this:

and this:

He was a little off on his timing, but yes, this happened:

Make this go virtual?

Mom and dad have COVID:

Now he has COVID. LOL with Bob Dobbs.

He doesn't seem to understand the seriousness of it all...

Not sure why he's so interested in room numbers...

Can't tell if he's getting better or worse:

Must have been worse:

His mother dies:

He's still shit-posting: was your fault:



Might lose a foot:

His last pizza? Stay tuned.

Get better Alvin.

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