Amy Briar-Bement, 47, Rush County, IN. Customer Service Mgr. Anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

According to this obituary, Amy died on October 21, 2021. She's survived by her 5 sons, 4 still living at home with the youngest being 8 yrs old. Amy left us some videos documenting her demise, and her commitment to remaining and anti-vaxxer. Perhaps it should be used as a PSA to all remaining anti-vaxxers?

Here is a compilation of her tiktok videos documenting her journey into the depths of COVID and her anti-vaxx position:

^^^EDIT (10/24/21): One of our readers siva.chander added some footage and more text to the video which is what you see now. siva.chander also compiled an accurate timeline of all of these events you can see on her comment here:

She didn't make it:

RIP Amy.

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