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Andrew Wood, 56, Elizabethtown, KY, self-employed, anti-vaxxer dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

According to social media posts (below), Andrew died from COVID on December 30, 2021. It seems that this was a bad time for Andrew to kick off. He indicates that some of his cryptocurrency investments had recently paid off big-time, and he was even wintering in Phoenix and Las Vegas. However, he was an adamant anti-vaxxer which led to his demise.

Does Andrew deserve a spot on SAV? You be the judge:

Let's start with a anti-Fauci post:

Classic meme from August:

New York Post sucks: Andrew thinks the vaccine is fake, though.

Actually, most of us aren't from Kentucky:

Another classic meme from August:

Most ironic post of this SAV entry. He gave his life all right:

Why are we seeing this in the news? Because it's bullshit.

This is what happens when 99% of your population is vaccinated. By the way hardly anyone died during this time:

Loves DeathSantis, who by the way has been missing since December 17.

He uses "sheep" and "let that sink in" in the same post! Amazing anti-vaxxer work:

Another classic anti-vaxxer meme:

This is the most false statement anyone could post. Laws and regualtions are exactly this:

Biggest scam in American History? I think the Big Lie leading to the capital insurrection is, but what do I know?

Actually, Andrew, you kissed your own ass "goodbye"...

We didn't take your life, you did:

What a list of lies!

And his final anti-vaxx post:

Well, he died from COVID:

RIP Andrew.

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