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Angie Maksem, Cantonment, FL, Anti-vax nurse sick with Covid for the THIRD time.

Let's meet Nurse Angie. She's a proud, anti-vax RN from Florida. Getting Covid THREE times still hasn't convinced her to get the vaccine. Will she make it through her third round of Covid and change her tune? We'll see!

The first laboratory-confirmed case of Covid in the US was discovered on January 18, 2020. Coincidence?

I know April 2020 was early in the pandemic and we still had a lot to learn but surely a nurse would know that a Flintstone vitamin doesn't kill a virus.

An anti-vax nurse working at a Florida Rehabilitation clinic with vulnerable patients. What could go wrong?

Not protecting patients from a deadly virus doesn't make you a hero.

How many times have we seen this one before?

She shared this video on Michigan Bill 4471, introduced by Rep. Sue Allor (R-Wolverine). "House Bill 4471 would create a new act to prohibit discrimination against an employee or volunteer who declines or has not received certain vaccinations, including for COVID-19. An employer also could not require the employee or volunteer to wear a mask in the workplace or disclose to the public that the employee or volunteer has declined or not received a vaccination."

Medical freedom is more important than protecting the health of patients? Gotcha.

Imagine that, she got Covid and is going to get an infusion. Does she know all of the ingredients in the infusion? Check out the conversation in the comments. Her friend Karen seems smart. Her friend Kathleen...not so much. "The vaccinated are actually Qshedding and making healthy people sick?" No, Kathleen. That's now how it works.

The infusion must have worked and she and goes right back to sharing anti-vax, medical freedom memes.

Not true. Spreading misinformation.

There is no pandemic, you say? I'd go further to argue that a nurse denying a pandemic and declining a vaccine is neither experienced or qualified.

Ahhhh, I see now. It's "God's plan" to kill over a million people from Covid.

Maybe Angie should have listened to her friend, Linda. Linda sounds like someone who cares about patients and understands the dangers of Covid. I like Linda!!

Angie got a religious exemption.

Personally, I don't want an anti-vax nurse taking care of me. I'm glad the anti-vax nurses are losing their jobs since they are endangering their patient's lives instead of protecting them. It's sad that it has such a negative impact on the responsible, educated, pro-vax nurses who are picking up the slack. They are true heroes.

If she trusts Trump so much, how come she didn't listen when he told people to get the Covid-19 vaccine? Just sayin...

Angie says there's "something going around." I wonder what it could be?!? Could it be Covid like her friend Yvette and Yvette’s husband have?

Angie is sick, taking Ny-Quil, and might need to go to urgent care. Take a look at the comments on that post. It seems like Mary Kay Maksem got Covid AGAIN from the "all the old people." Could Angie have Covid again, too?

This is a special one. Not only is Angie Covid positive, FOR THE THIRD TIME, but she says the government is releasing it and wants Trump back. And check out her friend Maya who has had covid FOUR times!

Maybe she should take Ashley's advice and put Ivermectin on her wrist. LOL! I REALLY hope Ashley isn't a nurse, too.

On her Facebook page she states that she is employed at Fort Walton Beach Rehabilitation Center and Santa Rosa Medical Center. Interesting that FWBRC says their staff is 100% vaccinated against Covid. Well, if Angie is still employed there then than statement can't be true. SRMC also says they're providing Covid-safe care. That also wouldn't be true if they employ an outspoken, anti-vax nurse.

Angie, protect your health, protect your patients’ health.

Get vaccinated and get well soon!

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if she's perished, dont be shy -- let us know!


Jul 29, 2022



Cyn C
Cyn C
Jun 13, 2022

Has Angie gotten her wish yet? Death?


Unknown member
Jun 12, 2022

What a DIMWIT.

It is astonishing to see people, like my mom, who are nurses, intelligible, can read and write and do medicine write the words:

"...I am sick with something that is going around..."


Just like the dipshits at work who go to BBQs and concerts and get sick AF and think ''it isn't Covid----that shit's fake."

Some people earn their graves.

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