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Barry Benedetta, 62, Franklin, NC, 80's RockStar to Christian Musician, Antivaxxer, Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to multiple sites, including, on December 17th Barry Benedetta was found unconscious in his home. (According to the GoFundMe it was the 12th). He was immediately rushed to the ICU, where he was put on a ventilator. He remained there until he passed on January, 6th, 2022. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Barry made it "big" in the 80's when he earned a Gold and a Multi-Platinum award for his contribution as a session guitarist on Cinderella's debut album, which sold over 3.5 million copies. (The songs Back Home Again, Nothin' for Nothin, and Push, Push-not were their biggest hits.) That was his biggest music accomplishment, though he had several more bands over the years, including his most recent band, DeBenedetta. Check them out!

Does Barry belong on SAV? He certainly checks a lot of the SAV boxes. Shall we go through them? SURE! Let's begin:

Is he religious? ✔️

Sometime after his heyday in the 80's he found God. He put out a Christian CD with Rock Solid Talent Entertainment. In July of 2021, after a long string of jobs in many church bands, he settled into his job as the Contemporary Worship Lead Guitarist at Discover Church.

Barry, I wonder if your wife thinks it was God's plan for you to die of a preventable illness. Okay, we've established that he's religious. Let's move along.

*Disclaimer: I'm obviously not saying religion is bad (or good), just that it's a commonality for a lot of those featured on SAV. Don't skewer the Vaxxylady!

Is he an Antivaxxer? ✔️

Well that seems pretty clear. I think that's plain as day. Anything else?

Ahhh, the typical "refuse to comply' memes. Let's keep moving along now...

Facebook Misinformation Spreader? ✔️

No Barry, the vaccine isn't altering our DNA to become Human 2.0. Oh gullible Barry! Honestly, he wasn't too bad about the spread of misinformation but this still qualifies him.

GoFundMe? ✔️

Oh dear, that picture is not very flattering but at least you can still see his flowing locks of hair. And Tish, not a word about vaccines? Well, I'm not surprised. You know what could have saved you from all of this anguish and from becoming a widow? A vaccine!

Goatee? ✔️

Of COURSE he has a goatee! Our SAV faithful know what that means.

Anything else? Here are a few more:

Ummm....that post didn't age well now did it? Yes, Barry. People lose you. Your WIFE AND CHILDREN lost you! I guess your intentions weren't pure then...unless your intention was to get sick and die from Covid.

I'll give him this...he didn't post a lot of political stuff but the fact that he is sharing a post about Mike Lidel's Cyber Symposium and calling for the execution of traitors gives us a clue of how he leans.

Honestly, this is scary to read. He doesn't sound like much of a Christian here, does he?

Uh oh, Barry is sick. Excess fluids, on dialysis, intubated. It's not looking good.

And now he's dead.

So there we go. Another life needlessly lost to Covid-19. Too bad he didn't take care of his health the way he took care of his hair.

RIP Barry.

Side note from Vaxxylady:

You SAV readers are insatiable! Vaxman can barely keep up because of all these anti-vaxxers dying for their free-dumb. So I've taken another shot at writing a post. It's a lot of work, but we're doing what we can to keep our readers engaged so we can spread the word about what can REALLY happen when you deny the lifesaving vaccine. Also, a friendly reminder: yes he had children. Not sure what ages they are but as always, minors are off limits.

Finally, as always, stay safe and healthy. 💋

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Twelve variants. One covidiot. The odds are against Barry....that's just the way he likes it!

starrring Bruce Willis as Doctor Fauci

"I see dead people".

Ivor McTeyne as Evan D Wormer.

"Mares eat oats and does eat oats"

Introducing Barry Benedetta as Herr Grubby Hands - " Ich neinen usen der handen gel"

Rated NC -17 (not suitable for antivaxxers)


Feb 01, 2022

"Just for Men" lost one of their biggest clients, so sad 😪


Christian Rock? Ewwwww! Kinda glad he's dead just from that, thanks for making music less shitty, covid!


Flora Posteschild
Flora Posteschild
Jan 25, 2022

Pity the person soliciting money for his family doesn't know how to spell his name. Debenndetta?


Mr. Bog
Mr. Bog
Jan 21, 2022

From Composer to Decomposer, just like that.

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