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Bernadette Elaine "Joy" Elder, 58, Destin, FL. Kingdom Age Lifestyle, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to social media posts (below) Bernadette died from COVID on October 28, 2021. Bernadette used social media (5500 friends and followers) to preach about Yeshua and Love. She was also a jewelry designer who designed and sold "Christian Jewelry." Her jewelry looks a lot like traditional hippy bead jewelry, only with holy spirit names. Yes, she was also an anti-vaxxer, as you'll see.

Ok, so was Bernadette an anti-vaxxer? Let's check. First, let's see one of her videos. This is highly edited. (Her videos can sometimes last 2 hours. In fact, even in this 30 minute segment on avoiding mandatory vaccination I cut out about 20 minutes of her reading a form someone sent her. I made the transition obvious where I cut that out). By the way, this Dr. Ardis guy that she shows in this video should be tried for murder:

Now let's take a look at her Facebook posts:

She loves Ivermectin:

And she believes in natural immunity (I guess with Ivermectin? I'm confused).

Check out the ingredients. The one she's calling out is a lipid from soybean phosphatidylcholines:

Claims that mandates are unconstitutional:

Ted Cruz. Fuck Ted Cruz...

Plandemic of the Apes...

This isn't vaccine related, but here she's claiming she was "transrelocated" by God to get her through a traffic jam:

On October 11 she has to miss her Love Feast because she has fake symptoms?

At least she's deworming:

And she is still posting anti-vaxx memes:

And more the next day:

Next thing you know:

And she dies. But that doesn't discourage Bernadette's Prayer Warriors. They tried to resurrect her from the dead by praying on Facebook:

And then there was a string of replies that are prayers and commands that God resurrect Bernadette. Here's a small sample. There are over 170 of these "prayers":

From what I understand, this attempted resurrection was as effective as any attempted resurrection in history.

RIP Bernadette.

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