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Brad Sullivan, 34, Monticello, MN, Plastics, brain tumor survivor, anti-vaxxer. Dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this obituary, Brad died on November 19, 2021. Brad leaves behind his wife and small child. He was a vigilant anti-vaxxer, as you'll see below. I guess at 34 he thought he'd be fine. By the way, why so many from Minnesota these days?

Edit: Brad is a cancer survivor. He had a brain tumor removed in January 2021. These changes MAY have contributed to his paranoia about COVID vaccines. Can't say, but he didn't post anything about COVID or vaccines until August of 2021. One has to wonder: if medical science saved him, why he didn't trust it on this virus and vaccine?

Here are his relevant Facebook posts:

The math seems a bit off:

Ah, by now an old standard meme:

Medical Freedumb;

More dumb...

Again, to question science you have to use the methods of science, not just ask stupid questions and get answers on Facebook:

80 million? How many remain unvaxxed now?

I think I hate this argument the most. Makes no sense at all. Yes, if you don't take the vaccine then it doesn't work:

Apparently NONE of this worked on Brad:

Turns out there weren't that many who were willing to let their jobs go...

Conservative media is the virus, Brad.

I never liked zombie movies.

Then he got COVID...

His lung collapsed:

6 weeks of induced coma...

He died shortly after this.

RIP Brad.

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