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Brandon Notz, 48, Oak Grove, MO, Registered Nurse (DOD), anti-vaxxer, in ICU with COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to his wife's and sister's posts (below), Brandon is in the ICU intubated with COVID. Well, we have yet another Registered Nurse in the ICU with COVID because he wasn't vaxxed, as Brandon has been a RN for the Department of Defense for the past 7 years. If there is one post that completely represents the stark contrast between the anti-vaxxer fantasy conspiracy theories and the reality of medical intensive care, it is this one. On one hand we have Brandon, who as you'll see is one of the biggest conspiracy nuts we've had on this site, and on the other hand is his wife, Wendy, who has to deal with the pain, worry, and anguish of his illness. Wendy writes about her feelings and all of the details of everything she is dealing with, and does so with brutal honesty combined with grace. Some of her posts are so long that I've added some text-to-speech audio so you can listen while you work or exercise or whatever you do as a healthy and protected vaccinated individual. Again, this might be the longest post yet, so here is a short cut to the comment section.

NOTE FROM VAXMAN: Please do NOT post on either Brandon's or Wendy's Facebook pages. This would be very disrespectful to Wendy, who is laying her heart out, and at the same time speaking to Brandon's conspiracy minded friends to teach them about the reality of COVID. Let's let her do it her way and stay of it. But please use this post to send to your own anti-vaxxer friends and family, as I think her message is a powerful example for them to see. Edit: Oh good, Wendy turned off public comments on both of their accounts. Ok, carry on!

There will be two parts to this post. The first part will be establishing Brandon's thoughts on COVID, the vaccine, and the anti-government mindset that he spread to all of his FB friends and family and that led to his current condition. The second part shows the heart wrenching results of his positions and decisions that his wife (and he) have to deal with. Again, please be respectful to Wendy, she deserves it.

PART I: First Brandon "Let's Go Brandon" Notz:

I think we can all agree we all have an immune system:

Did you hear that the vaccine is experimental? (Fact: the vaccines don't contain graphene oxide.)

Oh wait, no it's not!

Ok, so he's a Qanon nut too...(Satanic Ritual Abuse: the old fashioned Qanon. We covered this in the post about anti-vaxxer SRA investigator Russ Dizdar, who died of COVID):

Combined with the Andrenochrome piece...makes him full on Qanon:

And yet, WE have lost our minds:

And he thinks the vaccine is all about population control. Maybe it is. Maybe it's a liberal conspiracy for people like him to NOT VACCINATED and DIE:

He's posting Christopher Key, who as we know recently is recommending drinking your own piss in order to protect yourself from COVID:

On December 6 he was all about the vaccine being about depopulation, when all of the depopulation seems to be happening to conspiracy theorists. Ironic, eh?

The standard anti-vaxxer misunderstanding of VAERS (where anyone can post anything without vetting):

Just a bald-faced lie:


Turning on Trump. He was in on it the whole time!

Population Control for decades! Condoms maan! Birth control pills, maan!

More BS:

Pro RFK, Jr. Anti-Fauci...recipe for hospitalization:

Someone who needs a lung transplant dies and they think it's because she was vaccinated? Really?

Oh look, SAVers, it's a repost of a Judy Mikovitz post. You know, the Plandemic woman who let her husband die because she was against vaccines:

Anti-vaxxers telling us vaccinated people to "wake-up" when they themselves end up in an induced the irony lost on anyone reading this?

To further establish his mindset, here are a couple of his non-COVID related posts...

We've got a Mark of the Beast post:

And he has many posts that indicate that he thinks the moon landing was faked:

He loves that conspiracy nutcase Stew Peterson, who in this post is claiming that the vaccine contains a wireless nanosensor. I guess so we can find wifi hotspots easier or something?

Neither one of these things were ever spoken or intended by Bill Gates. Who am I arguing with?

This is a video of an obviously faked seizure (worst acting job of any of the faked vaccine-induced seizure videos):

Some people think the virus has never been isolated. I know. It's ridiculous.

Ok, that's enough. What happens next? Well, according to his sister Randa, he was in the hospital as of December 19, 2021:

PART II: And now for the second part of this post. What does Wendy have to say about all of this?

Some of these posts are so long I thought it'd be good to offer a Text-to-Speech AI reading of the posts for those who'd rather listen than read. In fact, the posts are so long that I can't screen shot it in one take:

Here is the Text-to-Speech Audio I put on SoundCloud of the post from January 2nd. If you only listen to or read one of her long updates, this is the one:

And her original Jan 2 post:

Second part of the post:

This was her next post on January 6, 2022, I also created a text-to-speech SoundCloud for this post:

First the text-to-speech version of the Jan 6 post:

and her original January 6 post:

Post continues...

Then on January 7 a short update (no Text-to-Speech necessary):

On January 10 she posts that the hospital is now out of ventilators, and people on Brandon's floor are dying and being replaced by new patients (no tex-to-speech necessary):

Our final post for today is also long enough to earn a Text-to-Speech version. Wendy's January 13 update:

And her original post on January 13:

All very powerful stuff from Wendy. Messages that everyone, especially anti-vaxxers, should hear and understand. Please share.

AGAIN, NO POSTS ON BRANDON OR WENDY'S PAGES OR I'LL HAVE TO SHUT DOWN COMMENTING ON THIS POST. PLEASE?! Edit: Never mind, their public comments are shut down. Carry on!

GET Better Brandon, for Wendy's sake, and denounce all this bullshit you've been believing, and come back to reality.


Addendum to the original post (1/14/22): one of our savvy (pun intended) members caught this exchange on Brandon's sister's page:

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28 may 2022

Checking for updates...

Me gusta

Sativa Rose
Sativa Rose
31 mar 2022

Is he still alive?

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Carli Kilgore
Carli Kilgore
21 mar 2022

Anyone able to find any updates??

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Any news on Brandon. I’m hoping for his family’s sake he is getting better.

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vaxxed and thankful
vaxxed and thankful
04 feb 2022

I do not have fakebook account or any other like insta. Found a page where you can search informations about people:

For Brandon they have

Perhaps any SAV can find information about Brandon there to dig deeper.

There is a entry for Wendy Notz as well and her relative (Townsend):

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Judi Dowell
Judi Dowell
06 feb 2022
Contestando a

Wendy is his wife. Attorney/Lawyer

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