Russ and Shelly Dizdar, 65, 67, "spiritual warriors", anti-vaxx, both dead from COVID

UPDATE (11/4/21): We have an update on Russ's wife Shelly. See Below:

Original Post (10/19/21):

According to social media reports (below) Russ is dead from COVID and Shelly is still quite ill. Russ is an evangelistic end-times paster who consistently talks about the coming of the Antichrist and the ongoing battle between Satan's warriors and God's warriors. He is a Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA) investigator, which is essentially a witch hunt that has its roots in the Satanic Panic of the 1980s and seems to have recently inspired the the Qanon movement. He says there are millions of Satanic Chosen Ones coming after Christians and Christian children. Russ Dizdar is of the same ilk as two other sorryantivaxxer entries, Rob Skiba who died a few days ago, and Steve Quayle who is still battling a COVID infection. Russ and Steve have even appeared together on the Hagmann Report, a show similar to Infowars but focused on wacky Christian things like Nephilim, modern day Nephilim human hybrids, SRA, flat-earth, etc. Russ and Shelly were anti-vaxxers. Shelly actually posted more anti-vaxx things online, as Russ thought the COVID virus and vaccines were but a small part of the great Antichrist led apocalypse that is coming shortly.

Were these anti-anti-christs anti-vaxxers? You betcha.


A bit misleading but it's Newsmax so...

Bio-virus warfare:

Cooked up in Hell's Kitchen:


Now for Shelly's posts:

Mark of the Beast:


Deep State:

anti-vaccine doctors...

Bell's Palsy...

So what happened? You know what happened...

There are those in the community wondering if they are being "targeted" or something. Uhhhhh.... GET VACCINATED and you won't be targeted.

Get better Shelly!


Shelly has now also succumbed to COVID-19 protocols enforced by the hospital, ... WAIT, what??? These people are really f'd up. They died because they weren't vaccinated AND had obvious multiple comorbidities each:

RIP Shelly and Russ.

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