Steve Quayle, 70, Bozeman, MT, Radio Kookbabbler, Anti-vaxxer, Hospitalized with COVID.

According to this post and many others, Steve Quayle has been hospitalized with COVID. Apparently he is wearing a bracelet that says "NO VENTILATION." According to rationalwiki, Steve Quayle is an extreme right wing conspiracy theorist, pseudo-historian, religious fundamentalist, doomsday fear-monger, gold bug, and radio kookbabbler. He combines Biblical rapture with Chemtrails and Bigfoot and stokes about every doomsday conspiracy theory anyone has ever come up with including that the Vax is for depopulation and is a tool of Satan. He is a regular on Coast 2 Coast AM, and many other "kookbabble" shows.

This guy is a piece of work.

This is from his own website:

So what are his views on the vaccine? Well, I wouldn't be surprised if every Vax conspiracy theory originated with this guy.

This article was published on his website :

It goes on to discuss Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine:


Loss of Liberty:

More depopulation using Vax:

Dr. Fauci is behind it all:

Globalist war against Ivermectin:

Anyway... apparently he caught COVID:

and I grabbed this from Reddit:

OK. Well... I guess I should say.... get better Steve?

Get Better Steve and repent.

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