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Brian Cross, 59, Evergreen, CO. Owner Limo Service, Anti-vaxxer, died of COVID.

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

Update 7/8/22: It looks like there might have been a DIFFERENT Brian Cross who was the stalker. We'll look into that, so hold off on the stalker comments. We'll redact if necessary.

Update (7/4/22): Happy 4th of July if you can muster it. Anyway, the sleuth-SAVers have done it again: apparently Brian was convicted of stalking and sentenced but that was reversed by the Colorado Supreme Court.

Pretty creepy stuff: “The court of appeals held that there was sufficient evidence for the jury to find that Cross stalked the female victim at a shopping mall where she worked in a phone sales-kiosk. Cross went to the shopping center almost daily and spent several hours sitting on benches near the kiosk and circling it. It became apparent to other mall employees and the victim that Cross targeted the victim. Feeling threatened and suffering from serious emotional distress, the victim attempted to use different doors to enter and leave the mall, had her husband drive her to and pick her up from work, and asked her supervisor to modify her work schedule. None of this altered the ways in which Cross pursued her. On one occasion, Cross approached the kiosk, tapped on it, smiled or smirked at the victim, and watched her for approximately two-and-one-half hours. That night, the victim attended a church service with her family. Cross appeared and watched her until her husband arrived;  then he left but reappeared at her work place the next two days. The victim complained to the police.   They arrested Cross on a parole violation for another stalking case and ultimately charged him with stalking in this case.”

Update (7/2/22): With all of the Jan 6 testimony going on, let’s take a look back at this anti-vaxxer who went to the Capital with his wife that day to support Trump.

Original post (09/18/2021):

According to this obituary, Brian lost his life to COVID. He was a blue blood anti-vaxxer and it appears that he and his wife attended the Jan 6 insurrection in Washington, DC. Both Brian and his wife contracted COVID. She is recovering.

I'll leave this here. Posted Jan 10. There is a possibility this wasn't Jan 6 in Washington D.C.

As I said, he was an anti-vaxxer and government conspiracy theorist:

He believes this guy:

So he's not taking the shot;

Ah, we're all being "fooled":

Backs up his conspiracies with a meme:

He leaves his wife behind to deal with everything:

At least his mother has the sense to push vaccinations by showing the numbers:


RIP Brian.

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