Brian Cross, 59, Evergreen, CO. Owner Limo Service, Anti-vaxxer, died of COVID.

Updated: Jan 24

According to this obituary, Brian lost his life to COVID. He was a blue blood anti-vaxxer and it appears that he and his wife attended the Jan 6 insurrection in Washington DC. Both Brian and his wife contracted COVID. She is recovering.

I'll leave this here. Posted Jan 10. There is a possibility this wasn't Jan 6 in Washington D.C.

As I said, he was an anti-vaxxer and government conspiracy theorist:

He believes this guy:

So he's not taking the shot;

Ah, we're all being "fooled":

Backs up his conspiracies with a meme:

He leaves his wife behind to deal with everything:

At least his mother has the sense to push vaccinations by showing the numbers:


RIP Brian.

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