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Cecelia Scurlock, 58, Alamosa, CO, Rancher & Pedigree analyst, anti-vaxxer, in ICU with COVID

UPDATE (4/30/22): According to social media posts (below), Cecelia passed yesterday 4/29. See update below

UPDATE (2 hours later): First, upon further reading, the implication that Cecelia was at an Avalanche game post-COVID diagnosis has to be wrong. I made some edits reflecting this. More importantly, Cecelia's son has given us some incredible insights which you must read after you've read the original story. See below

Original Post (2/13/22):

According to social media posts (below), Cece is on a ventilator with COVID. Cece is another one who "wished" to get COVID so she could have natural immunity. Cece and her husband own a ranch called Wolf's Skull Ranch in Alamosa, Colorado, and she's somehow involved in Thoroughbred horse racing, having once worked with John Mabee. She's also obviously proud of being her father's daughter, as she is constantly posting about her dad, "The General", who was Major General Robert Scurlock of the Air Force. He was basically a desk general who ran the F-15 fighter program in the mid-seventies. Like Cece, he was a MAGA Republican until he died in 2018. Anyway, Cece is an antivaxxer who trusted her "natural immunity" and didn't get vaccinated, and in the end she got her wish to get COVID. This is long, so here's a link to the bottom...

Cece's such a strong SAVer that we can start this post with her illness on December 3rd (she doesn't know it's COVID yet):

She's excited about her new foal that is about to arrive. By the way, as someone who raises horses she gets them vaccinated all the time!

She still thinks she has a cold;

Interesting she should say that...

Ok, well on Jan 7 she gets her WISH:

Ok, so she's sick and has tested positive for COVID. Then she posts this from an Avalanche hockey game (Edit: on second review I think this must be an old picture. There was a game that night but she had to have been too ill to go.):

So it's refreshing to know that some people don't think you're stupid and selfish? While you are posting a sequence of pictures showing that you are both COVID positive AND at an Avalanche hockey game? EDIT: I don't think she was actually there; I think she's implying that she will be able to see the Avalanche the following Friday.

Here is another anti-vaxx post, and she's doubling down on her "gaining natural immunity". JFC, you get natural immunity from a vaccine...gawd, I want to scream at her!

LOL...she's pretty clueless.

This or get a 3 second jab? Hmmmm...

She thought the Polio vaccine was cool, but I guess technology has advanced way past her ability to understand it. So now, instead, she's likely to die before that 5 years gets here. This is so completely dumb:

Clearly not you...

Apparently she's been arguing with people about this. She doesn't seem to know how Facebook works:

She's commenting and apologizing for a comment she deleted about why she was avoiding the ER:

She's feeling better...she's living in a dead cat bouncy castle:

That lasted for about a little over a week:

But still...

She's "certified" all right....

Secondary bounce?

And now here we are. Intubated on Feb 11:

Definitely a dead cat bouncy castle (DCBC):

We'll keep an eye on this one.

Get better, Cece. Repent and come back and win the Kentucky Derby with your new foal.


UPDATE (2 hours later): One of our SAV members found this from her son, posting on several different subreddits talking about his mother, Cece. He is the OutspokenOutcast.

Apparently she is regretting her decision:

^^^ exactly.

Grifters going after them...

Here is his exchange with her:

He has some thoughts on the process we use on HCA and SAV:



Thank you, [Cece's son].

I think what Cece's son is missing is that his mother wasn't just an unvaxxed victim of this disinformation attack on our society; she was, in fact, a foot soldier pushing these falsehoods herself with the intent of influencing others to follow her lead. He even mentions her substantial social media following in a post on Reddit. Cece became part of the brainwashing machine, and how many people suffered her same fate because of her influence on them?

This is war. We are wounded, and we are lashing out. The whole country is wounded. His mother and others on this site contributed to this wound, and so we are here to point this out as loudly as we can. If we can't change someone's mind, then maybe we can stop them from posting on social media in fear that they too will be made fools of when they get sick and die.

One of the tenets of this and the HCA awards is redemption. If these anti-vaxxers desert their side, join the ranks of the pro-vaxxers, and work to convince others to get vaccinated, then we will forgive them and welcome them with love and open arms (mostly).

It sounds like -- if she survives this -- she may be willing to join us in this fight against pseudo-science and irrationality.

So get better, Cece!


UPDATE (4/30/22): Well, Cece didn't survive. This is likely the outcome for many of the so-called survivors on SAV:

RIP Cece.

Aside: It might not be obvious, but the distance between Cece and her son is because her son was born as her daughter.

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My safe place, when I need consolation. CeCe and Doug are both still dead. Phew, all better now


Ken Russo
Ken Russo
Jun 27, 2022

The Avalanche won the Stanley Cup last night! Isn’t that amazing? Oh, that’s right, you’re dead. You ex-homophobe, you 😉


Jun 01, 2022

I was thinking about you today Cece. I know you loved animals. I had little triplet Nigerian goats born today & they're adorable. Too bad you relied on your immune system to save you instead of a simple free vaccine. You didn't live to see the fruits of your labors, your little foal born. We're vaccinated & boosted & we get the joy of seeing our little baby goats grow up and climb & play & just enjoy life. Darn shame you threw your life away when you could have had another 30 yrs. enjoying your land & your animals & your son. I'm sad for your son. You were probably a nice person before you fell down the anti-science…


May 24, 2022



Dick Sway
Dick Sway
May 11, 2022

What happened to the foal?

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