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Cirsten Weldon, 61, Sarasota, FL, "Influencer", Q-tuber, anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

UPDATE (1/7/22): I added some more information to the bottom of this post because, well, its funny. Be sure to read the original post first.

Original Post(1/7/22):

According to social media posts (below), Cirsten Tien Soong Weldon died from COVID. Cirsten is a well known Qanon Conspiracy "Qtuber" who does live feed shows and posts on Telegram. She wrote "Intel Drops", a conspiracy theory-laden book she claims was an Amazon best seller until Amazon "killed it" by removing it. She is sometimes listed as an actress but her only roles listed on IMDB were as "girl in a car" in The Doors and "agent's girlfriend" in Hard to Die (she was topless in both scenes). She became an interior designer and owner of Eurasiadesigns, and claims that she has done work all over the world, including New Zealand, Los Angeles, Hawaii, Florida, New York, Napa, Florida and Tennessee. When she died she was living with her parents in Sarasota. She was once featured in Newsweek for claiming that Hillary Clinton died of "Kuru", a disease you can get from eating infected human brains, and that Angela Merkel was in "stage 3" of the same disease. As recently as December 28 she was live on her show, coughing and clearly very ill, claiming she had the flu and would be traveling the next day. Let's hope she didn't!

Before we get started, all of these Qtubers seem to know and feed off one another. I think the influencer network for Qanon is rather small. For instance, this gal and sorryantivaxxer Doug Kuzma have done multiple shows together:

^^^ I wonder if Ricky Rebel has been vaccinated?

This will be an easy post for me. I'm merely going to post three of her recent videos. Enjoy!

First, here is anti-vaxx video she posted that was clearly meant to scare people out of taking the vaccine:

Next, here is a video she made on December 27 where she's clearly very ill. She says she's having alternating chills and sweats, and yet still discusses some anti-vaxx stuff:

This video is from the next day. She is clearly getting worse and now has a deep cough but still goes over some anti-vaxx stuff before going into election stuff. Then, at the end, she talks about her "flu" and about how she won't be on live because she's TRAVELING. Oh man, I hope she didn't travel and infect others around her.

And then...she died, apparently. We'll keep an eye on this as these posts to question her death:

and another...

RIP Cirsten (maybe).

UPDATE (1/7/22): Well, here is Ricky Rebel, the guy we mentioned above. He is mourning the loss of his friend in a way that only a Qanon friend could - with a conspiracy theory. At first, he's just sad, then he wonders "why?" Then he claims she was murdered...well, if she's dead, that is. What a mess.

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Her instagram is still up.

And her Fecesbook.

Even though she died a year ago, some publications are saying she "just passed away." Is it because some people are still struggling that it is January 2023 now and not checking dates?

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Antwort an

How did she die when she had so many helping her recover from COVID?

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Mary M
Mary M
16. Jan. 2023

Gee, Cirsten, it's been over a year since you died of Covid. And we're all still alive and vaccinated. Happy Covidversary. Bye-bye now.

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and she dropped 4 years short of SS, so we can pocket her money instead!

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the planet does not need this stupid woman!!!!!! good riddance!

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What a nutter she was. Hope she did not infect her parents or anyone on her travels.

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