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Clyde Harvey Sr., 70, Biwabik, MN. Minister, In hospital, ventilated after Covid. (Update - died)

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Full disclosure, I snagged this one from our friends at Herman Cain Awards on Facebook. If you're a Facebook user, give them a like! I couldn't pass it up. It's an anti-vaxx minister and I really have an issue with pastors using their influence to endanger their flock.

He may live in Minnesota but he's the Lead Pastor at First Evangelical Covenant Church just across the border in Superior, Wisconsin.

Calling all prayer warriors, Clyde is on a ventilator due to complications from Covid-19.

Wait, does he have Covid or Cooties?

In the early days of Covid he shared this post from his hero, Chuck Lamb.

It says, "Maybe we don't need a vaccine, Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival..."

He said, "DELETE ME" so he wouldn't be tracked for Covid contract tracing.

Another post from way back…

I wonder if Clyde still thinks this isn't a pandemic?

He said to "Think about it..."

I don't remember seeing this one before.

He says "Good point" about mask mandates.

He obviously is not a fan of masks...

Check out the comment on that post from Howard. GO HOWARD!!!

What a jokester!! Thankfully, he provided the correct answer.

The unvaccinated will be vindicated!!!! Notice how the word deadly is in quotes?

Maybe he should have read SAV because Covid CAN be deadly! He's certainly not having a great time of it if he's on a ventilator!

A while back he had some health issues and reached out for help with a GoFundMe. I wonder if there will be another one after his bout with Covid.

He didn't post a lot of political stuff but this post says ALL I need to know...

NOT so funny. Period.

Wonder what he did to get put into Facebook jail for 10 months!!

At least he has a cool mug.

This is just stupid.

Finally, something Clyde and I can agree on!

This is a story in progress. As much as I know you want to...leave his Facebook page alone or we won't see how his story progresses...or ends.

Get better soon, Clyde!

First update from November 3rd:

Newest update from November 6th:

Clyde is still hanging in there but still ventilated. We'll keep monitoring for updates.

Unfortunately, Clyde didn't survive his fight with Covid. He passed away on November 18th.

RIP Clyde

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Wow! No one cared about Clyde enough to bother giving him information about why he should get vaxxed. They just let him go on believing the ignorant lies and bs that killed him. Oh well.


I smile just a bit when any type of religious leader gets their comeuppance. Full of shit lying, sanctimonious grifters. fuck him.


Membro desconhecido
15 de jan. de 2023

You incredibly stupid people. The vaccine was created to depopulate the planet and you don’t even know it. Idiots

Respondendo a

I find it humorous that the very same people who believe conspiracy theories also believe everyone else is an idiot.

There is some kind of Dunning-Kruger thing going on here.

Stupid and arrogant is a dangerous combination.


It would have been nice to hear him say that maybe he made a mistake and was wrong. It almost makes me think there might be a god, and he was shutting him up so that he couldn’t spread anymore of his misinformation. Bye bye douche bag.


I can't see what's peacefull about suffocating to death with fried lungs

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