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COVID-19 V LYLE CRAWFORD (6 months of attrition)

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Lyle Crawford, 42, San Antonio, TX, Fire Engineer, antivaxxer, dead from COVID.

Lyle died on the 16th of February 2022 but he did not go out without a fight. It took six months for COVID to finally deliver the knockout blow.

We shall start this story by verifying Lyle's right to be included amongst our esteemed anti-vaccine chumps. Link to comments.

We start off with that wreath, "faith over fear". I think it should be renamed “faith over common sense”.

We have the “it was rushed“ argument. Well, I guess anything to justify your bias goes.

They don't like the "WOKE" crowd, but they want us woke. Pfttt.

If I had a dollar for every time I have seen this regurgitated meme I would be a hundrednaire (new word and I am sticking with it).

Why would I want to smell bullshit? Is this a new kink?

His wife, Jennifer, is no better. Apple.......fall.......tree. She will help us in narrating the story from here on. Grab a drink and some snacks, this is 6 months of drama.

On the Facebook HCAz, we know that when we see things like this, it means the shit has hit the fan.

It looks like COVID moved into Lyle's body and made some minor adjustments, especially in the lungs room.

The best show of appreciation would have been getting vaccinated.

September drama coming up.

Lyle V Rona? I wonder who wins.


That emoji seems very inappropriate to me, but what do I know? You continue doing you.

Aaaww, how sweet.

If you didn't know, now you know. Thanks for the quick lesson, Jennifer.

Manly smelling bath? I guess the need to get the sickly smell off.

I hope you are still with me, cause that was only September.


Lyle in his prime.

Lyle in October


Great use of the meme.

YAY indeed

Not so much YAY here


I have to admit, he does look a bit better here


Fishing gear? Someone is feeling confident.

February. On our Facebook page, this kind of picture is referred to as “the money shot”.

More prayers. The other ones were not effective enough.

I am the other half of the Facebook HCAz, and this is my first post, so apologies for any mistakes. I hope you enjoy this thesis. Peace and I am out.

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Every so often I like to scroll down the SAV page and check in on some old favorites. Just to make sure there's been no status change. Glad to see old Lyle here is still dead. Mr. Tough Guy. Ooh, look at me, mommy...I caught a big fishie!!! Take my picture, mommy!!! Mommy...I'm a hungry boy!!!! I ate all my meatloaf!!!!! Take my picture!!!!!! Mommy, will you buy me some fishing lures before I die? This poser was all fucking hat, no fucking cattle. You didn't look so tough in any of those hospital pictures, Lyle. You looked like a corpse in every one of them. Leaves three kids behind all because he was hung up on being some kind…



Not one but TWO gofundmes for this socialist family. No bootstraps here.


Delete Me
Delete Me

Look at all the money and resources that were poured into keeping him alive and misery for months when all he needed was 2-3 simple injections.


6 months in hospital slowly dying,everyone laughing at your dumb dead ass.but you got that wonderful bass fishing award before checking out.yep,you are the big winner.are his fishin' gear for sale yet?


In one of those hospital bed pictures the dude looked like an AIDS patent from the 80/90s.

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