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Danielle Jones, New Castle, DE. Founder of Delaware Sasquatch Researchers Organization. "Not vaxt."

Let's meet Danielle Jones. She is the founder of the Delaware Sasquatch Researchers Organization and also works at Frank's Pizzeria as a customer assistant.

Here, Danielle gives details about her experience with Covid and says "At least I'll have natural immunity." She also confirms that she's not "vaxt."

She only shared one anti-vax post but it's a doozy from It says, "Everyone vaccinated for covid will DIE, warns French virologist." Approximately 5.33 BILLION people have received the Covid-19 vaccine. If that "French virologist" was correct roughly 68% of the world's population would be dead.

Natural News has been banned from Facebook. This article from Vox says, "As one of the internet’s oldest and most prolific sources of health misinformation and conspiracy theories, Natural News is a hub for climate change deniers and anti-vaxxers. While it poses as a news outlet, Natural News is actually a network of sites filled with bylined articles and flanked by ads for survivalist gear and dodgy health cures. The internet trust tool NewsGuard reports that Natural News “severely violates basic standards of credibility and transparency.” Various fact-checking organizations have repeatedly flagged Natural News content as false.

So, while Danielle isn't our typical SAV candidate, I think that this one post qualifies her for SAV stardom.

She didn't share anti-mask posts but her friends certainly questioned why she posted pictures of herself in different masks. Her friend Chris said, "Hope you don't wear mask" and "Sorry you don't live in America. Irs not a low in America, the land of the covenant."

Huh?!? What did he say?? Can someone interpret that for me?

She wore a mask when she wasn't feeling well and even posted about how to make a mask out of a sock! So for that I give her props. It was the right thing to do.

Danielle shared this post from the IRS and asks: "All this to become an IRS agent?? What in the world are they planning??" I can help you with your question, Danielle.

The IRS is planning on hiring approximately 87,000 new employees over the next DECADE because they are currently understaffed and they also need to prepare for a wave of retirements coming over the next five years. They won't all be new, armed agents. Actually, out of the entire IRS only 2,100 SPECIAL agents are authorized to carry firearms. They have a variety of positions to be filled from office support to IT personnel. Don't fall for scare tactics.

Danielle seems to be a very spiritual person.

I wish I knew what she originally posted here but she replies to Marlin that "Faeries are real. I've seen them!" I wonder if she saw them while hunting for Sasquatch.

I'm not a wildlife expert but I don't know how smart it is to hand feed and pet a wild animal. A quick Google search found that raccoons can carry "rabies, canine distemper, feline distemper/panleukopenia, canine parvovirus, Salmonella, tularemia, Edwardsiella septicemia, and leptospirosis." They can also be hosts for fleas. Be careful, Danielle!!

Congratulations on surviving Covid, Danielle. Let us know when you find Sasquatch. Get vaccinated, too! Good luck!

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Unknown member
Oct 01, 2022

A 'customer assistant' at a pizza joint? Must be another name for Maître d'


What an ass clown. Yes, everyone who got the vaccine will die. So will everyone who didn’t.

These people are complete idiots.


If I close my eyes and just start typing out religy sounding names, is that a form of typing in tongues? I am not going to look up all of the names she blabbered out there, because I can only expect to get confused by her ferocious convictions. A cousin has a TBI after falling from a horse years ago. We love her to pieces ,but she spouts out the same kind of disconnected prattle as this pizza customer liaison. Also, the garbage pandas around here growl and will kick your ass for looking at them for more than a second. They are not just feral; they are nuts and they have food to find. Stupid idea to offer the…


I’m vaccinated & hand-feed a squirrel Wasa crackers, so I guess I’m safe.


Avery Voyeur
Avery Voyeur
Sep 03, 2022

Oh Danielle, there aren’t any more sasquatches, we vaccinated them years ago and they all died.

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