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Darrell Borgelt, 54, Rapid City, SD, anti-vaxx, recovering from COVID. (Wife was a pain).

UPDATE(3/21/22): Another notorious SAV family is in recovery. Apparently, Darrell is now at home. The staff at Memorial Hospital must be relieved to be rid of Renee. See Below

Original Post (2/1/22):

According to his wife Renee, Darrell is intubated in the ICU with COVID. While Darrell is an anti-vaxxer and a Qanon follower, this post is more about this wife, Renee. She has been harassing the staff at the hospital almost every day -- first, to try to get them to give Darrell Ivermectin, and then to keep them from using Remdesivir. She's protested outside of the very hospital trying to save her husband's life many times, with signs saying that Remdesivir is killing people, yet she doesn't understand why they won't let her in the ICU for whatever amount of time she wants. Also, she wonders why the doctors and staff are negative towards her. She even gives her Facebook friends the phone number of one of the hospital staff members, and has them call and harass her. Most of the entries in this post are recordings of the Facebook Live sessions she does to update her friends. She's done 83 videos so far. Most of them are updates on Darrell's condition, like his heart rate and oxygen numbers, but she also likes to tell her friends every time Darrell has a bowel movement. She thinks her prayer and what she calls "clearing his energy" makes him better, so she is constantly fighting with the staff to get more time with Darrell. Just imagine being a doctor or nurse having to deal with her everyday. She is the worst Karen I've seen. I don't know how they do it. I'll only present 12 of Renee's 83 short video updates so you can get a sense of what this woman is like, and we'll give you a "Not carin' about Karen" badge if you watch them. I think this might be tthe toughest Badge Challenge yet. Short Cut Link to the bottom.

Ok, just a few of Darrell's Facebook posts to establish why he's in the ICU from COVID.

He's into Qanon:

See? He's anti-vaxx...

Now, let's see what Renee has been up to. At this point, Darrell has been in the hospital for a time, and she's upset the medical staff won't listen to her expert advise:

Oh good, he's off the ventilator:

She's upset that she doesn't have the money to hire the lawyers she needs to sue the hospital:

Oops, he's going back on the ventilator...

She starts the harassment campaign, and gives Marsha Taylor's number:

And more numbers...

And more numbers:

She's not very pleased with the hospital, but she still reports on medical stuff:

So her husband is in the hospital with COVID and she asks:

She's protesting outside the hospital about Remdesivir and the 1986 law that protects vaccine makers.

She's apologizing to her friends for taking her husband to the hospital:

She's says they aren't using security guards to watch over her visiting her husband anymore. "I'm not a threat, other than I'm going to prove they've been killing people."

More protests outside of the hospital:

Her husband has COVID and she's worried that COVID positives are over-counted? Why?

Oh, it's because she doesn't believe that her husband has COVID or something. She always does hand quotes when she says "COVID"

There is no COVID pandemic, it's a "scamdemic"...then she give his numbers. So weird.

More conspiracy theory crap:

She's outraged that the hospital is giving out free home COVID test kits.

Jan 17: If you watch any of her Facebook Live videos, watch this one. It sort of encompasses her thoughts and attitude.

Jan 19: Here she claims that they won't let her see her husband for more that 15 minutes because then they can do what they want and make sure to keep him in the hospital so "they can get their bonuses". I don't like this lady.

Jan 19: She's a piece of work. I feel so sorry for the hospital staff that I want to send them some flowers.

Jan 19: She's outraged that the hospital is giving out free home COVID test kits.

This is an important one to note: Darrell is uninsured, and she's going to refuse anything she can do to stop the hospital Medicaid payments. She thinks they are extending his stay to get "bonuses".

She's doesn't believe in the FDA:

Her most recent post: "he ain't going to no rehab" because she wants to deny the hospital medicaid payments. What?

We'll keep this post updated on Darrell's progress. He's currently getting a bit better but we've seen this dead cat bounce before.

Get better Darrell, and get your wife away from that hospital.


UPDATE (3/21/22):

According to Mandy Kay (who will love the attention), her father Darrell is now at home after 3 months in the hospital.

I wonder if this family has learned anything? We'll keep track, but it doesn't seem like it.

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