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David Leger, 63, Salina, KS, Retired Army Colonel, unvaxxed, dead from COVID

Updated: May 11, 2022

According to this obituary, David died on September 8, 2021. Reading his obituary, it's clear that he had a storied career in Army Aviation. He reached the rank of Colonel, led the 1-108 battalion in the operation in Kuwait, and was highly decorated, receiving many medals for his military service. Why is David being listed on SAV? He wasn't an "anti-vaxxer" by the definition we use on SAV, and he wasn't an outspoken opponent of vaccines. Well, I received an email from one of his family members, who can explain:

Hello, I have weighed for months if this is something worth submitting given what happened. David died of Covid last September and while he never posted anything anti-vaxx, his second wife, a nurse practitioner, was an ardent anti-vaxxer, and given her role in the situation, I think highlighting her posts as a healthcare worker might bring him some Justice, and cause people to see her name on Google as a bad actor. What really stirred me was the story about Judy Mikovitz's husband who died unvaccinated thanks to his crazy wife. She may have deleted her posts, but I am happy to provide screen shots if you all think this would be worth a post. I loved him, and he deserved better. He died saying he couldn't believe he didn't get the vaccine and Lettie's doubling down on her narrative is why I think a post would be worthy. She told me that he kept asking her why they shouldn't get it and no matter what I did to try and convince at least get him to do it, she found ways to make it a difficult discussion. She continued making anti vaccine posts after he died.

Let's see what Jettie Leger, David's wife, had to say. By the way, she loves to post crazy accusations and then warn that arguments won't be tolerated:

Now, remember that her husband David died on September 8, 2021. All of the remaining posts are after he died from COVID as unvaccinated:

RIP David.

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