Deana Davis, 45, died. 14 family members gathered for celebration, 2 were vaccinated 11 got COVID.

Updated: Sep 20

According to this story Four generations of a family gathered for a luncheon celebration. Only two were vaccinated and eleven of the fourteen got COVID, four of them ended up in the ICU, and one died, Deana.

Carl Jones, 82, and Mary Jameson, 82, were the only two in the family who had received the COVID-19 vaccine.

They believe the shot protected them from the coronavirus as it moved through the entire family.

“We were there at the party,” Jameson remembered. “I hugged little Stephen and Deanna. We sat right across from them. I really believe in the shot.”

Most of the family is now convinced. They say they will get the shot as soon as they are eligible.

Not Steve Davis, even though he suffered from COVID and lost his wife. He says he's still not convinced.

“I’m skeptical about it, myself. At this point, I feel like I’m backed into a corner to where I don’t know if I should or shouldn’t.”


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