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DJ Ferguson, 31, Grafton, MA, Unvaccinated, Still Won't Get Vaccinated for Heart Transplant

VaxMan featured DJ's story back in January here. Catch up on his story and then come back here for updates.

David "DJ" has a hereditary heart issue and is currently in need of a heart transplant. CBS Boston featured his story here.

DJ is married to Heather and they have two children with one on the way.

DJ left us this one clue on his FB profile.

After the media published this story, Heather shared this public post.

A GoFundMe was activated and they've collected almost $100K.

They conducted a medical freeDUMB march for DJ on FEB 6.

Ms. Candace Owens (AOD) appeared and shared their freeDUMB story.

She's a medical freeDUMB activist now.

DJ had open heart surgery and everything went great. He still has a lot of issues.

Heather shared this TikTok video that her friend Ashley put together from DJ's freeDUMB rally.

This is the last public update from Heather.

VaxMan said it best. His body his choice? He can choose what he puts in his body? No, he can't choose to put someone else's heart in his body. That's up to others. So die then.

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