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Donn Baker, 63, Warren, Ark. Libertarian Candidate for State Rep. Anti-vaxx, dead from COVID.

According to social media posts, Donn died from COVID on February 17, 2022. Donn was looking forward to running for State Representative in Arkansas, but a ruling from the courts cancelling redistricting blew that chance for some reason. He seemed to be running on the anti-vaxx platform, because he posted a LOT about it. I'd say Donn is more of the run of mill ignorant anti-vaxxers as opposed to the pharmacologist in the last post. You be the judge. Edit: I missed the fact that Donn is a liver transplant recipient (3 years ago). So, yeah, he's an idiot.

Let's learn about Donn from his Facebook posts:

ONLY PEOPLE FIRST (Only? Does he mean lonely?)

We're only going to be posting posts from 2022...

If you have to be persuaded, remindEd, pressured, incentivized, coerced, get a life saving're an idiot:'s the Nazi's all over again...

At this point that bridge shouldn't be available. Just stay on the other side:

Yeah, scientists are making so much money!!! Obviously he never met a scientist.

Yep, that seems about right. Google for the win.

Literally none of this is true. Complete lies.

Uh...because it lasts a few months? Do whatcha gotta do, Donn.

Gawd I hate this Jenson guy:

At least State Representative Jeff Wardlaw is a vaxxer:

I'd sign that petition!

He lost his Doc Baker account for a while...

He's got COVID:

It’s not good, no.

He died...

RIP Donn.

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