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Douglas J Hall, 31, Callaway, VA, Anti-vaxxer, Dead from Covid

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Douglas James Hall, or DJ to his friends, was a driver for Nexhaul Trailer Company. He was married with a son and stepdaughter. On paper, he comes across as a typical, boring person, just your average anti-vaxxer. But we at the HCAz think he deserves a feature, as he had two things going for him.

As usual, we will start by boring you with his anti-vax rhetoric, before we get to the juicy bits.

As you can see, Douglas is not coy; he tells it as it is.

He believes it's all scaremongering.

He sure is cocky.

Ok, here we go. Douglas has done his fucking around, now he is about to find out.

I don't think he is cocky anymore.

I do admire his optimism.

He updates. By the way, keep in mind the date of the first hospital post.

He lol's. Obviously, it can't be that bad.

More updates.

What! No more lol, Douglas?

WOW! It took Covid four days to dispatch Douglas.

Ok, to be honest, he had no chance. He didn't even give himself a fighting chance by getting vaccinated. But kudos to him for not wanting to be a drain to the system and his family.

Obligatory GoFundMe, activated.

We are HCAman, again, thank you for having us. Stay safe, get boosted and enjoy life. Peace and we are out.

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