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Dr. Abilio Ramos M.D., 62, Moorpark, CA, Family Practitioner, unvaxxed, dead from COVID

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

According to his wife, Dr. Dawn Michael, Dr. Ramos died from COVID on January 9, 2022, just 12 days after being admitted to the hospital. As regular readers know, I normally don't post people who are simply unvaxxed and not actual anti-vaxxers (crusaders against the COVID vaccine). However, I do not give medical professionals a break. They deserve to be known. They should know better, especially MDs. All of the posts that follow are by his wife "Dr." Dawn Michael, a sexologist who became a bit of a Twitter star because Donald Trump repeatedly retweeted her tweets praising him (as he often did). Dawn IS very much an anti-vaxx crusader, with 100,000 followers on Twitter. This post is as much about her as her Ivermectin-pushing husband.

This is Dawn: "Clinical Sexologist"

She says she has a "Ph.D." but her degree is from IASHS, an unaccredited diploma mill that was shut down in 2018. Quackwatch describes it as a "questionable organization":

And critics called it "Fuck U":

Here are the relevant posts by Dawn....

One of her tweets retweeted by Trump:

Dawn's sudden rise to fame courtesy of Trump is discussed here:

She thought COVID was an illusion:

The rest of these tweets are all after December 3rd, 2021. I didn't feel like going back any farther...

Yep, she's an anti-vaxxer all right....

They are giving it away free...not sure what the "conflict" is.

"I wonder why" - because they are lies.

Well, most of us DO trust our medical professionals.

She checks the anti-Fauci box....

She's quoting that fraud McCullough...

She checks the "WAKE UP" box, and the horse paste box with this post:

Because we're not mass raping one another?

Rail against mandates, vaccines, and masks for a year and then say his plan isn't working. Dawn is foolish.


It's definitely dark and gloomy for the unvaccinated, as you found out:

She announces her husband's death due to COVID:

My god. Dr. Ramos prescribed Ivermectin to hundreds of patients? And she claims Remdesivir killed him?

Only Joanie ever loved Chachi...

So he was definitely not vaccinated....

Addendum...she had COVID too, which is why she couldn't see her husband. Also, she says they tried to kill her. Grrrr. I'd say she sucks, but for a sexologist that's a compliment.

RIP Abilio

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May 06, 2022

About fucking time Twitter.


Apr 25, 2022

How impressive to get feedback from the Fonz's little cousin. Now if she can just get little Ricky from Silver Spoons then I'd be even more impressed (one can only hope if he'll become a SAV honoree in the future)


Mar 19, 2022

She's still talking smack on Twitter behind a new handle and encouraging her followers to harass Alaska Airlines for some reason. 😒


Jan 21, 2022

Moorpark spelled backwards is Kraproom.


Dude On Bike
Dude On Bike
Jan 21, 2022

Latest spike numbers are pretty darn high. Hitting new highs. Thanks Anti-Vaxxholes!

As I walked through a small town downtown tonight with friends, I remarked how awesome it is to be in the middle of a major pandemic and be able to avoid contracting this thing with a simple mask. How dumb do you have to be to fight every sensible measure to stay alive? Avoid a terrible disease, the expense of an ICU stay and the grief of your family. A damn mask!

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