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Dr. Christopher Foley, MD, 71, Dellwood, MN, Doctor (natural medicine), anti-vaxxer. Dead. COVID.

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

According to this story Dr. Foley died of COVID on October 15. He was an MD who pushed natural medicine in the Twin Cities. According to the article, "In blog posts over the past year, Foley wrote on his practice’s website that it was dangerous to wear masks and that the drug Ivermectin was a proven treatment against COVID-19 — a drug he prescribed for patients even though the Food and Drug Administration warns against it. He reposted false claims about the vaccine made by Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a well-known opponent of vaccines who has been banned from social media platforms." I also learned that Facebook and YouTube de-platformed Dr. Foley for his spread of misinformation. He was in good standing with the Minnesota Board of Medical Practice until his death.

Clearly someone, probably his son, tried to scrub Dr. Foley's blog of all the disinformation posts that he made over the past two years. Thankfully, the Web Archive had scraped his blog and so his posts are there forever. You can access those archived blog pages HERE.

I'll summarize his thoughts here:

He was generally against all vaccines. In this post he rails against the HPV vaccine citing VAERS data (which we know has no accuracy whatsoever).

In this post he's claiming that the SARS-COV-2 virus was "weakening" when actually we now know that variants were strengthening.

Here he shares a video from the disinformation king, RFK, Jr.

In the next blog post he pushes Ivermectin as an effective treatment for COVID:

More false information...

Well, I can't speak to his practice overall, but as a virologist he absolutely sucked, and was dangerous to his patients and anyone who followed his blog posts.

RIP Christopher.

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MemeRon Mocker
MemeRon Mocker
Jan 22, 2022

Doctors like Dr. Christopher Foley are a dying breed.

Full disclosure - I first used this comment on Dr. Abilio Ramos‘ SAV profile. It’s not beneath me to recycle material.


Unknown member
Jan 05, 2022

Isn't it amazing that most every anti-vaxxer bites the big one and suddenly their FB page is cleaned of their rantings? If you and your family held firm all that time why such an embarrasment now?


Brenda Nicholas
Brenda Nicholas
Dec 29, 2021

Glad she's dead cuz he was a menace probably caused many more people to die with his stupidity disinformation


Nov 24, 2021


Paging Dr. Dead…

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