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Dr. Ockert Potgieter, 55, Reni, Ukraine, Missionary, anti-vaxxer, dead from COVID.

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

According to this article and Wikipedia, Ockert died from COVID on October 11, 2021.

Ockert was a South African who started a mission church called "Light of the World" in Reni, Ukraine in 1990, and has been running it ever since. The town of Reni is indebted to Ockert and his wife Michelle for the work they've done in helping the poor areas of the city. Ockert has a Ph.D. in law, and was awarded the best law student in South Africa while in school. He received his Ph.D. at “Rijkuniversisteit” Ghent, in Belgium. Ockert also wrote and directed a Russian film called “Хватит - новый русский фильм” (translated it means “Enough”). According to wikipedia, "The film is a story of hate, war and betrayal, with love the only way to overcome it." You can see that film with subtitles here. Despite his accomplishments and accolades, as you'll see, Ockert and his wife were anti-vaxxers and spread their ideas both through social media and their church services. He paid the price for it.

As mentioned, Ockert and his wife were adamant anti-vaxxers:

The "new Holocaust"...

Just Google Dr. Carrie Madej to see the lies she spreads:

He's against "draconian" safety measures. He thinks masks don't work:

Doesn't show death rates in these countries...

Brought to tears over ethics prof firing?

COVID officially classified as "cold or flu"?

Well, Ockert got COVID and died:

His wife never mentioned anything about him being sick with COVID:

RIP Ockert.

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MemeRon Mocker
MemeRon Mocker
22 janv. 2022

Doctors like Dr. Ockert Potgieter are a dying breed.

Full disclosure - I first used this comment on Dr. Abilio Ramos‘ SAV profile. It’s not beneath me to recycle material.


The former Dr. Ockert Potgieter is now known as Dr. Ockert Poltergeist.


Pommes RotWeiss
Pommes RotWeiss
08 nov. 2021


Membre inconnu
07 nov. 2021

Ordained Kookbabbler royalty

Deader than Jesus

Covid had its way

It does what it pleases


Whiner snowflakes united:

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